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Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by [email protected], Aug 8, 2021.

  1. Resist@1

    [email protected] Fapstronaut

    Hi guys
    Yesterday I went to the p word site
    but I didn't fap as usual I only watched it
    But in my goals I said I am abstaining from PMO but I engaged myself with the P so it means I relapsed.
    So yesterday I punished myself for doing that so I did 30 push ups as a beginner of push ups
    Am starting again
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  2. Abel100%

    Abel100% Fapstronaut

    Tienes la motivación para comenzar eso es bastante
  3. HydraofLerna

    HydraofLerna Fapstronaut

    Good of you for being honest with yourself. Maybe not a massive relaps, but still a relaps.
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  4. 30 pushups sounds more like a reward to me but you do you.
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  5. Overforme

    Overforme Fapstronaut

    I would agree that doing push-ups, situps, pull-ups is not punishment at all. You shouldn't look at exercises as punishment. I will tell you now that exercises are better suited to you as an ally to help you defeat pmo. How you ask? Doing physical work will release endorphins that will make you feel good. And as you progress and can do more and more movements with ease, you will build confidence in and self esteem to a degree. Excercise is a fantastic stress reliever, and stress relief is what we all need more of to stay sober! Best to you pal
  6. Resist@1

    [email protected] Fapstronaut

    Yeah I know that is not Punishments
    but I mean that when I have not relapsed I do exercises, I relapsed I will do exercises but I will multiple it more than I use to do
    And thanks for making me to that

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