Be the master of your trade, not a jack of many

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Thechosenone, Feb 6, 2016.

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    Simply, be good at one thing only. Focus your efforts on one pursuit. In talking about work/business. Don't put your energies into things that aren't important or don't further you in your bigger pursuits e.g. I play piano and draw. But I don't need to anymore other than occasionally for my own enjoyment. I'm going to stop doing those and just become the best I can with my career, own it.

    So just become the best at one thing instead of being mediocre or average at many things.
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    I think it's still healthy to have other interests though. It's easy to become tunnel visioned if you focus too much on one things only. Having alternate outlets (such as music, or other creative art) are great ways to refresh your mind and even help you with you primary pursuit (whether that be your career, a relationship, etc.)
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    Yes, as above. Do not think of it as an either/ or proposition; I must either be good at one thing or be an 'all rounder' in a lot of things. You can do both; pursue an excellence in one thing while also dabbling in a few others. Actually, your diversity of interests may help you see your main pursuit in new creative ways, and restrain you from becoming too singular-minded or insular.

    Of course the logic of the modern world is all about specialization. But the human reality is that we also desire a 'unified' existence [ a Will centred existence- the modern world tends to enfeeble our will]. I reckon a lot of our addictions stem from a fractured psyche, where that psyche is often at war with itself [that's almost the main theme of this site]. And how else do we resolve this kind of problem than take an active interest in a manifold of things, and find an order, or harmony, to those things.
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    I guess I was trying to point at not being amazing at everything you do. I'm pretty good at piano and drawing, i'm at a very high level with those but being too good at to many things isn't a good idea. Be amazing terrific at one thing, and be good at others is what I was trying to explain to myself
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