Beat my old record (52 Days)

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by someguy-21, Feb 19, 2016.

  1. Hello everyone! I have beaten my old record that I had in the last summer. The number of days without porn has been great, but the main source of happiness is the positive life changes that have happened:
    Greater self Awareness
    Greater Mindfulness
    Growing confidence in myself
    Increased Patients
    More self control
    Better socializing skills
    More friends
    More Energy
    More time to use
    New Job/ Even more jobs possibly coming my way
    Getting involved in athletic sports
    Improved Memory
    Feeling confident around Women
    Stronger Focus
    Meditation Practices
    Overall happiness...
    ... I could even list more to be honest, but that's just a few of the changes happening. I'm making great progress. I'm on the mental path of a Great Life, and that includes a life without porn. Negative thoughts telling me to relapse are but branches I must move out of the path or just jump over. It certainly is possible for me to never go back to porn. I want to live a life without porn, I'm making the choice to stay on this path. Good luck to you all! Please realize how powerful you are and how powerful your thoughts are!
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    Congratulations on making a new record!! Good luck with future journey!
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    It's funny how many guys I find relapse somewhere in the 8th week. Today I just matched my record high of 55 days on Nofap from last Fall. It took me 4 months to get to this height again, and I don't plan to fall back this time.
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    I'm happy for you! Well done!
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    Keep going!
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  6. Awesome job bro
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    Look at you sir. Approaching 2/3 of the way to accomplishing your challenge.

    This is no small fate.

    Many posts (I have to include myself) are negative, meaning pornography causes... If you want to avoid such and such, reboot after 90 days.

    Your post is positive and worthy of celebration. You illustrate the common saying that you can attract more flies with honey than with vinegar.

    Keep attracting those flies - not literally of course.
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    This past weekend, I almost relapsed. My counter was at 35 days. I realized that it would take me over a month to again reach this stage in my recovery. Had my counter been 14 days or less, I likely would have relapsed.

    Relapse averted!!!

    When I reach 55 days, let me see you both at 75 days.
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    fantastic post thanx for sharingg please write more
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