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  1. Yesterday, I had relapsed again. But I am posting it today. In next 1 hour it will be 1 day free of PMO.
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    468 SR

    jealous girl, 1am

    Sleep:I woke up at 1am, great time to study and meditate.

    Gym & girls: leg day, heavy weights day. The girl I'm kind of dating was there she saw me talking to this other girl and got jealous, we were just talking. It was funny. She bit on the arm really hard because of it, that was funny and a bit painful.

    Yesterday I talked about sex to the girl I'm seeing the gym girl, she only had sex once. I told her there is no rush and we'll do it when she's ready, she blushed when I said this. With girls it's always better to not rush things, almost waiting for them to tell you to escalate intimacy. Even if we never do it, I don't mind, I've come to enjoy her company and being friends with her or any other girl without sex. I had so much sex in my life, that really is not an issue anymore. I could live happy with or without it.

    Study: very focus, waking up and studying at 1am it's really good. I think I'll keep doing this.

    Nofap: little to none screen time, sense control, meditation and breathing exercises. No urges or anything like it.
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    119/104. I've already beat My highest Streak 15 Days ago.
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    19/21 getting close
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    12/8 - Already beat my longest previous streak whic was 8 days!
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    469/730 days no PMO, semen retention
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    This is a huge achievement for me.
  11. I came really close to relapse once again, but glad that at least something in the brain told me to stop. I am saved.
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  12. Congratulations @Fullyawake for hitting the 200 days milestone. It is time to level up! Keep up the good work!
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    I'm beating my highest streak today.
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    The past few days, I've had multiple career wins. It's crazy how we can go through a drought for so long, and then all of a sudden be faced with a big wave. Feeling confident, in control, and focused. Hope everyone is well.
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    469 SR
    41 days no sex

    Dopamine detox

    Sleep: 3/30 days waking up at 1am challenge.
    This type of sleep schedule has improved my focus and general performance. But I'll sleep more early today and will start an agressive dopamine detox, no screen time only to write here, this helped me in the past to sleep better. This is the main reason I'm doing the detox.

    Gym: back day and helped a girl to do a headstand, she did it in the first try.

    Girls: no new girls today finally haha. The gym girl I'm seeing started classes at the university so I didn't see her today. She says she misses me and wants me to kiss her. She looks a bit clingy and likes to text a lot. Let's see how to handle it or if she changes. But still is so different from the latests girls I was dating they didn't talk at all, I had to guess all their thoughts, almost like a wizard. This girl is a break from the almost autistic girls I was dating lately. Even do it's fun and you learn from every girl you date, they open your mind and you gain big amounts of patience, tolerance and not being judgmental to people.

    Study: it's going great, the intensity and focus is there, no distractions.

    Meditation: 4 meditations of 30min to 1hr. This helps me to rebalance myself and improve sleep quality.
    Breathing exercises : 20 min
    Yoga: after training and before going to bed
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    20/21 One more day to match it
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    I'm in

    I have created a war mode NoFap game. Check my signature to join the war.
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