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    Welcome! Glad to have you here.
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    The same reason that you mentioned mate.
    Also, procrastinating in the daily habits that helped me to replace this addiction (as I know willpower alone is not enough) such as: Cold showers, reading every spare time (I remember I finished many self improvement books in that period), Gym everyday, Praying, stretching exercises before sleep and going to bed before 11:00 pm.
    I remember that I kept doing these things during every single day in that streak and they totally transform my personality.
    In this challenge, I'll keep tracking of these habits with my daily check ins.
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  3. I was thinking about this while I was driving today, and I was relating it to my best streaks and how the best successes I've had with nofap all happened when I was motivated, not just by the prospect of recovering in and of itself, but because there was something really really really important to me and I knew that in order to achieve it that I had to be at my best. I'm working on something like that now and so it's helping to ignite that flame for me again. If you can, I'd encourage you to take on something really big, something you've wanted to do for a long time, something that takes a lot of personal power, a lot of focus. Make a focused plan of attack and then psyche yourself up for starting whatever it is that's important for you to accomplish. Dedicate yourself to the long haul, not of doing nofap, but of doing this incredibly awesome and important thing that you've been wanting to do and then make nofap your ace card for achieving it. This has the benefit of never letting nofap lose its novelty because even after you've achieved whatever it is that's important to you, once you've attained it you can move on to something else, something bigger. Successes building on top of success, and being able to reach for higher and higher goals.
  4. Day 10 of 90 (Longest streak broken on August 18, 2017).

    @Randox, @Mr.Chips Welcome to the challenge guys, best of luck in beating your longest streaks!

    @Tiger uppercut!, dust yourself off and start again, friend. Stick with it, we're in this together! :)

    @StraightEdge3616 Thank you! Congratulations on 2 days, these early days are truly the most difficult and each day, each hour is an accomplishment to be proud of. Keep focusing on your goal and as I'm sure you know, the days start stacking up quickly!
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    Can't agree anymore.
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  6. I'm in.My longest streak was 63...
    So D4/63
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    I also find that having a routine and staying constantly occupied and productive helps me as well. When I went 99 days I had a routine that included exercise, reading and cold showers. I need to do this again!
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    Welcome @Sachin Verma , we’re glad you’re here with us! Yes, back to 63 and beyond.
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    I absolutely agree with you. I think the key to fully leaving this behind is to improve my life in other areas. As I do this, I develop a habit of succeeding in whatever challenge I face in life. During my long streak I was training for a marathon. I need to find my next challenge. I need to prove to myself that I can do challenging things and succeed!
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  10. Thank you Jefe Rojo:)
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    Day 1 of 121 (Longest streak broken on March 23, 2019)
    Cold shower: Done
    Reading every spare time: Done
    Gym or home exercises:
    Praying: Done
    Stretching exercises: Done
    Deep breathing practice: Done
    Sleep before 11:00 pm: Done
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  12. Day 11 of 90 (Longest streak broken on August 18, 2017).

    Looking at the numbers like this is somehow encouraging, kind of like looking at a meter - 12.2% complete!
    Today has been going well because I've been busy, but now I have some downtime I'm noticing some temptations creep in. Browsing through facebook and finding what most people would consider innocuous images to have a triggering effect. Nothing I'd act on, but it's good to be aware of my thoughts and honest that the temptations are definitely there.
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    That’s great progress RMD. Seeing you succeed motivates me to keep going too.
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    My longest streak is 116 Days broken on somewhere between 2019.10.15 - 2019.10.20., Now am at day 0
    @Jefe Rojo count me in
    Day 0/ 116; (2019.10.15.)
  16. Jefe Rojo

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    Day 10/99 (3/20/19). I’m just over 10% complete with this challenge :).

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