Beating Delayed Ejaculation - Success Story

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    Here are my top tips for beating this!


    1. You are biologically made to reproduce. It is your main function as a male.
    2. You have been conditioned from a young age to learn habits of masturbation or sexual stimulation like porn. Your brain needs to re-wire itself. There is nothing 'wrong' with you. You have just developed a method of sexual fun which is not in line with the process of actual intercourse.

    THEN... LET'S DO IT!
    • Assess your habits around masturbation and what usually turns you on. If it is porn, images, sexting etc. Try to identify the root instigator and remove it out of your life.
    • Refrain from M and O. Just do not touch it... AT ALL! The only time you should get any contact will be from a girl or your GF.
    • Allow your partner to take full control and finish however you like - if you are able to. What we want to start building here is your ability to O under her command and in a REAL sexual encounter. My GF started with HJ and then BJ once sensitivity started to come back. This is the amazing thing! Between 7-14 days you will start to get your sensitivity back and you will long for her to touch you even the thought of it makes you want to O!
    • Try to refrain from edging. It will be very tempting and if I am honest, I did edge on an occasion. However, it is not good for your progress and your recovery will take longer as a result.
    • Now that you have O'd a few times with your partner through HJ or BJ you now need to stop that and once you are hard, move to sex and give it a go. If nothing happens, do not worry! Just try again and again but DO NOT O in another way - keep your streak going because your body needs more time to increase it's sensitivity.
    • This is a sign you just need more time. Try and Try again. You will get there!
    • Try new sex positions. When I finally O'd in intercourse, it was by her on top of me in cowgirl, which is a position that I had hardly done before. It was new, exciting and I could feel myself getting closer and closer till I finally did it! You may also find that the same old position and routine is just not working for you. Mix it up and see what happens!
    • Relax. Do not even think about it. Just enjoy the rhythmical movements of her and the thrusting. Trust in the process that your brain will adapt and your body will increase sensitivity.

    It really is a question of time and some people will take longer than others. However, please have faith that you WILL overcome it! We are made to reproduce. Your body will find a way to make it happen and sensitivity will come back! I never thought I would be able to write a success story on this site but I have now been able too. I look forward to more success stories for those who suffer from DE.
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    Hi, thanks for sharing your success story. As someone who has struggled with DE for a very long time it is an inspiration to read your experience. Now I’ve found a partner who I adore and I trust with all my sexual difficulties; hoping things will just be a matter of time.
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    Hello Thanks for share your experience but i have a question i am not english born speaker what is O? i understand that M is mastubation but O what it is?
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    great story man, thanks for sharing

    keep up

    all the best to you and your girlfriend
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    thank for this post..ive been sexually active and no O during intercourse for 8 years..cant wait to get it back
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