Beating the flatline

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    ~Warning: there may be some light trigger words in this post~

    Im very new to this whole community but I found it when I was searchingfor why I had a difficult time getting it up with my girlfriend for sex. We are currently long distance and see eachother about every 2-3 weeks.

    So after one particularly humiliating sex session where I was barely hard enough to penetrate and only lasted a min, I decided to figure this shit out. We are both pretty sexual ppl and are very attracted to eachother so it was extremely frustrating for both of us. I found nofap and decided to give it a try. I stopped all PMO and saw what happened.
    I don't think I was ever fully addicted to porn but I had developed a habit of jacking off almost once a day.
    So the first 3-4 days were difficult but I stayed strong. Reading all the success stories on here was very inspirational. It was about at day 10 when I lost all sex drive and hit the flatline. It was good because it was much easier to go day to day on the reboot, but my next visit was coming up and I read all the scary stories of attempted sex during flatline. I wanted to be able to f**k my gf well but it didn't even sound appealing.
    So after about a week of flatlining and with about 5 days before seeing my gf, I took matters into my own hands and tried finding a way out of the flatline without ruining the 26 day streak.
    Here's a list of what I did on those 5 days:
    -lifted everyday for an hour or longer
    -drank healthy smoothies with high concentrations of blueberries (to naturally increase libido
    -drank water constantly throughout the day
    -and here's the controversial one but what I believe made the difference, I started edging to my imagination of my gf once a day. I did it with barely any playing with my hands at all but simply imagining sexual scenarios with the girl I knew I would be having sex with. No porn. No nudes. And no masturbation. (I also did the pull-up-with-a-wet-towel-on-your-dick kegel exercise once I felt under control)
    It was risky and I originally just did it to check that I was functional, but it proved to be an excellent way to get horny again without P and the dopamine release of O.

    Over those five days I had morning wood every morning. And when I edged my erections were bigger than I have ever had and harder then a baseball bat.

    So, when I was finally with my gf, I was curious to see if my gamble was gunna be a failure or not. The second we kissed my dick dick responded and if I do much as put my hand on her ass I was it was ready to rip through my pants. So as the clothes came off and we had a little foreplay, I had one of those scyscraper boners, and once we started having sex, I finished in a hot and steamy 3 minutes. Still not great, but I was happy to see how turned on and functional my penis was. My gf was nowhere near finishing in that short of time and although I had eaten her out to Orgasm, I still wanted her to finish from sex too.
    So the next day in the morning, we had sex again, but this time in addition to being hard as a rock, I lasted 20 minutes and we orgasmed at practically the same time! It was definitely my best sexual performance ever. And somehow I was still horny. We had 20-30 minute sex 4 times that day including the morning session.
    It was amazing! She left yesterday and I surprisingly haven't had any urges to PMO or edge at all! I'm going to maintain this no PMO lifestyle and save it all for sex and see where it gets me. I feel like I'm on top of the world! And my gf says she's never been more attracted to me then now.
    This is what worked for me personally, edging was the key for me but it can also ruin your reboot if u O, so make sure you are under control! I wanted to share my experience with you guys out there and to give you hope!
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    very educational! thank you

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