Beating the temptations

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Thistimeitsfinal, May 3, 2019.

  1. Thistimeitsfinal

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    So yesterday I had some temptations come my way. I had an appointment booked with a new vendor to come and and see me regarding supplies. When I saw her name in the email, I was so tempted to look her up on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram so see if she was hot. This was one of my earlier weaknesses, checking out people I know at work via social media. Anyway I fought and won that battle and did not look her up. So she arrives for the appointment and of course was sent to test me: a beautiful lady in her mid twenties. Anyway I managed not to fantasize but it was a fight, but I won. I am still PMO free!
    As far as other temptations go, when on bike rides for example I am able to notice a person is hot but then look away and move on, so I am making good progress. I will add that my temptations are all in the head, I have no urge to look at P, its the urge to fantasize that I worry about that will lead to MO. But I am on track and it gets easier as the hard reboot goes along. But again, it will be a lifelong battle for me.
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    Well done! You can do this! May God Bless you my friend!
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  3. hitnmis

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    Ha Facebook,I just deleted the Facebook pages of that girl across the way.
    Geesh than I saw your post. Thanks for the comments.
    Looks like i have a ways to go brother.
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  4. Thistimeitsfinal

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    Well we all started somewhere, good for you to delete those pages! I find even reading some of the posts here can get the old nuts tingling, and that's why I do not read anything under the "Problematic Sexual Behavior" forum. Keep going!
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  5. SirErnest

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    Excellent. Have you done without for 30 days or more?
  6. Thistimeitsfinal

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    I successfully gave up PMO about 2 years ago, however MO to things like sex forums and PSUB I have tried unsuccessfully to quit over the last two years. Since stumbling across NOFAP and discovering the hard reboot method, I am hopeful to rid myself of this problem forever. So to answer your question, this is my first MO streak ever currently as per my counter. I intend to quit MO indefinetly.
  7. CoolRandomDesiDude

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    I suggest you to try this. I always believe in that you need to train with resistance to get stronger. I formed my theory off lifting weights. Go look up those fap compilations on YouTube. Play the video and as soon as a boner pops up pause, drop, and do 15 pushups. If that thing is not gone then do 15 situps. Still not gone? 15 squats. If it remains, you have too much of a powerful libido to be wasting on senseless things like porn. Plank as long as it takes until it is gone. Then get up and resume the video and repeat. To check your progress, see how long you can last in a video until you have to do this whole routine. You also get a mild workout as well.
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  8. ClickClickBoom

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    Learn adapt evolve
    Your on the righ track

    Best wishes
  9. Hornyayu

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    I'm on day 155+ but still not able to control my urges of watching soft porn like hot youtube videos. Although not relapsing. But still fighting with the urges. They are really very strong to get rid off.
  10. mattl182001

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    I struggle with the same thing! I’m on day 31 of no PMO and the part I struggle with is not fantasizing. This morning I went to a spin class to for cardio and I was definitely tested with beautiful women in the class. Every time I look, I had to force myself to focus on the exercise. I’m not where I want to be but it’s progress. Before I discovered NoFap, I would have ogled over them.
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