Beauty Base Zero

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  1. This a Hunger Games reference (I believe) from the book Catching Fire. It was mentioned when Katniss' stylists had to do her hair and wash her to make her somewhat manageable before they did anything more extravagant.

    I use this term after a recovering from a long relapse in order to make myself halfway decent so I can look normal and not have as an addict would look:
    1. Wild, dirty hair
    2. Unclean body or body smell
    3. Unshaven dirty looking stubble at least several days or week's worth
    4. Long finger nails or toe nails
    5. Dirty, wrinkled clothes (reworn after a day)
    6. Feeling of smelling of bodily fluids semen (smell sticks with you and disgusting like cigarettes)

    So to return back to Beauty Base Zero, I take the longest bath with hottest water. Overdo soap and shampoo. Brush teeth shave trim up hair, nails. Everything imaginable shave body hair, chest, stomach or lower regions. Do laundry to wear fresh clothes. Clean living spaces.

    The point is Fapping gives a person the same appearance and disgusting habits as any other addiction. My room is disgusting like a hovel and I feel totally unkempt. I feel like I have not truly seen the sun for days. For these reasons alone, this addiction needs for me. I cannot live like the way it has been all these years. It is shameful and disgusting. So today I am returning back to Beauty Base Zero. My life will look halfway decent but not truly all the way there. That part will take a long time.

    Hope some people can relate to this and understand. Thanks

    "Beauty Base Zero turns out to be what a person would look like if they stepped out of bed looking flawless but natural. It means my nails are perfectly shaped but not polished. My hair soft and shiny but not styled. My skin smooth and clear but not painted. Wax the body hair and erase the dark circles, but don’t make any noticeable enhancements."

    –Katniss Everdeen in “Hunger Games Trilogy” by Suzanne Collins

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