Become a better man today ! : 10 things.

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    1. Be kind
    2. Be confident ( eye contact, speak your mind - be honest, don't say anything to please anyone especially her, she will constantly test you and you must win)
    3. Lift weights - Increases testosterone and added benefit of muscle growth if combined with a good diet and sleep. Don't do excessive cardio.
    4. Help others without expecting anything in return. Do it for your wife every now and then. Surprise her, give her a full body massage, do the groceries, don't expect anything from her.
    5. Be faithful. It's the main virtue of a man, faithful to yourself, your goals, God, your wife etc.
    6. Be responsible for all the actions that you take.
    7. Never complain - Act like a hard man even when you're not. Overtime, you'll be tough as nails.
    8. Stop being silly, overly playful or romantic. You can be romantic but not more than her.
    9. Read 6 books a year at least. 12 books is even better.
    10. Balance between your primal and social chemistry. Some "women" label men as dogs, dogs are nothing but a tamed beta version of wolves. Wolves are tough, loyal, dominant. Men in the past were very primal and were like wolves. Urbanization has ruined the primal setting of both men and women. Don't go overboard but be 75% wolf and 25% dog. If you're more of the dog, she won't respect you, If you're full of wolf, she will simply cheat on a wimp with you, your genes are more likely to survive in the caveman period.
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    All good things!
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    I can proudly say I have (almost) acquired all ten of them these days. The only ones I am still struggling a little with once in a while are number 4 and 7, but they occur much less now than they did previously (a year or two ago). Especially the latter of the two is hard to overcome if you made it a bad habit in the past and because of this subconscious-wiring, it can take some time to break free from.
    Today, I try to remind myself every single time I complain about something (even the smallest things) and that it is not acceptable to do so.
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    No surprise here, of course, that MacGyver has accomplished all 10 of these, and more.

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    I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves. Matthew 10:16

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