Become best friends with your inner child .

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Chefb87, May 17, 2020.

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    If you have children , or have a little 3-4 year old boy. You would support him, love him endlessly, you would always been there for him. To always listen to him, talk to him, KNOW that he is loved, and so extremely important to you right ?
    If we would do that to our children , why don't we do that for ourselves ?
    Take 3 minutes .... Turn off everything around your you. Put your hand in your heart , close your eyes. And envision yourself at 3-4 years old. Abd talk to him . Tell him that you see him maybe for the first time in a long time. Tell him that he has been so strong to go through all that's he's gone through. Tell him that you love him so much, and that you will never leave him ever again.
    The most important person that needs to be proud of you, and like you is that little boy. Take care of him, have his back , stick up for him , and show him how loved he is.
  2. Sicily

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    I do as you said,and that makes me feel a little better,thank you for your words.
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    I find that whenever I'm anxious, stressed , or just being negative to myself. I do that excercises and I find it helps me.
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    I was so carefree as a child haha, life was pretty good when I was little. But now that I've been disillusioned a bit it's hard to know if that child side still exists, well the fun child side, not the immaturity, I still got that in spades.
  5. A friend once told me, "If you want to know what you think, look at your life".

    It hurt me because I realized that after all this effort I still didn't really love myself for who I was. We are projecting what we deeply think of ourselves around us. Whether we want it or not

    I was working hard but all this effort was not from a feeling of love for myself but from a feeling of lack (probably to feed my ego).
    Since then, I have learned to observe my thoughts and take care of myself the same way I would take care of my child. (even though at 22 years old I am far too young ahaha).

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