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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Baduser, Oct 1, 2019.

  1. Baduser

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    I once had a girl who changed me for good (i think)

    She made me weak, I called her alot, when she called me and I was with friends I went to another room to spend a long time talking with her. She even asked me to go home to talk with her and most of the times I did this. I still feel this weakness towards girls when I have a relationship but I also feel it in general life.

    Is this something people recognize?

    Are there tips to become a self dependent man again who don't need people their approval to feel good.

    Because almost always its only my looks that give me a bad feeling and made me think I dont belong. All other aspects of my life dont give me this.

    Love you all
  2. Asgardian36

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    Wow its surprising because for most people....their life circumstances suck so much that regardless of how their look, their situations are what holding them back.

    I can relate to that situation. I have been taken advantage of woman before at work...the thing is unless you man up and stand up for yourself, poeple will take advantage.especially woman. You have to realize your worth, man.

    She should be lucky to talk to you....if she feels like she can boss over you, fuck her.
  3. Daedaleus

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    It's important for any relationship, in my opinion, to be able to have some sort of "alone" time for each partner; where each partner can spend some time with friends and/or do some activity without the partner present. Sometimes you just want to go get some food and watch the game with your friends, or she wants to go shopping with her friends.

    If something like that happens again, explain you are hanging out with your friends and that y'all can talk later. If she has a problem with that, and it's not an emergency or something important, then I would ask to have a conversation at a later time and discuss what exactly is going on and see if there's a problem and what a solution could mean. If there is one to be found.
  4. At this point if a woman took advantage of me I wouldn't even care. Hell, I'd probably like it.

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