Becoming a stronger willed man

Discussion in 'New to NoFap' started by Strider91, Aug 17, 2014.

  1. Strider91

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    Starting No porn and NoFap for the next 100 days. Things Im looking forward to doing every day.

    1)100 days of meditation in the morning and night for 20 mins..(calming the mind)
    2)Body weight training for 40 mins every morning.
    3)Reading a few self help books during the course that will help see a different you at the end of the 100th day.
    4)Reading an editorial article and learning at least one new word every single day.
    5)Stop listening to music for the next 100 days (i know!, but trust me, that is one of the biggest sources of relapse!!(exception:motivational music/gym/classical)
    6)Restricting online exposure to 2.5 hours everyday.
    7)NO PICS/FLIRTING(when all alone) on FB/Dating websites.
    8)Exerting self towards being more stronger and confident on the inside. Not just thinking about doing things, but actually getting your hands dirty and getting it done ASAP.
    9)Going out and discovering new stuff once every week. (eg:Eating a meal in a place you didnt know about, taking a different route)

    Outcomes: Becoming a more manly personality,integrous and with stronger will power than before, dynamic and action driven than reaction, passionate about some art or the other, significantly sharper than previous self with a pleasing personality and a contributor to society.

    About me : 22, engineering graduate, unemployed for 1.5 years, was suicidal, lost weight over the past 6 months,on the road to recovery and betterment.longest streak: 16 days.
    I've broken my life with PMO, my brain function is at its lowest, i cant hold my attention for long.But i want to change it and get ahead in life. I want to be happy.
  2. Ada

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    Great job, Strider! You've got a plan, and you're motivated to execute it! This is just a little resource on you're quest for masculinity that might help you. Good luck, and stay strong!
  3. Strider91

    Strider91 Fapstronaut

    Thank you so much Ada!
    Will try and follow for sure.. Trying hard to change my inner game these days.. Failing pretty bad.. but working on it

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