Becoming a virgin all over again and performance anxiety

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by Knight81, Jul 14, 2019.

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    Not only older, below average looking and overweight, plenty of them are single mothers too and many times won't tell you that until you have gone out for a few dates. The number one rule that all of those redpilled Youtubers (reaching out to men) all tell is:

    "Never date a single-mother!!!" as these bring almost nothing of value to the table (but drama and lots of BS). Especially not if you're a strong man of value who got your things together and have clear goals and purposes in life. All of those Hollwood movies depicting one of those wealthy investment bankers/entrepeneurs who would sign up for a random single-mother (who happens to be cute) is nothing but social conditioning that is totally out of touch with reality.
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    I was just thinking about that today too. Too many single mothers out there and it really is a bad idea to date those. I'm mixed on the idea of dating any, but make it clear that I don't want to marry again or have more kids.

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