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  1. So I stopped fapping on the 6th and it's getting harder by the day, no pun intended.

    I had blood work done last month, and my testosterone was pretty average, if not a bit low. I repeated the same test couple days ago and it's about 30% higher, almost pushing the limits of normal range.

    And this may explain why I'm getting angrier by the day. I'm very low on patience and can't seem to do anything right.

    Has anyone experienced this? What should I do? I'm thinking of cold or hot showers, but I can't be in the tub all day...

    Thanks, lads.
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    I feel like this often on NOFAP. I become very im
    patient and inwardly curse people, even when they've done nothing wrong. There is a few things I can recommend:

    Exercise - especially cardio

    I find these two things really help, especially cardio. I get out and run my frustrations away. Then I come home, eat well and get good sleep.
  3. Welcome to withdrawal. Well, that seems like a dramatic word to use, but your body is pissed it isn't getting its fix so it's fucking around with you. Some days you'll lose focus, some days you'll flatline, some days you'll feel intense anger, burst of euphoria, etc. You'll be all over the map. Like the post above me said, the two best ways to handle that are through exercise and meditation. I would definitely do both but focus more on gym just because that's where you'll be releasing your physical energy and getting the endorphin rush to calm you down.
  4. This happens sometimes to me. I think i have noticed clear connection with
    rising testosterone and easy annoyance/frustration/irritation feelings.
    But it usually goes by in one single day. And it does not happen often.
    All i need to do, is remind myself: it is testosterone rise, stay calm, relax, love,
    take a deep breath.
  5. Thanks, lads.

    Sharing this really helped me, actually.

    I do work out everyday. Used to be Mon-Sat, but I've thrown a Sunday as well to use up my pent up energy. I hope to keep strong at least until the end of Lent. But when I wake up during the night to take a piss, I'm hard as a rock, and can't do it, so it's annoying.
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    Do you find yourself fantasizing about sex alot? That never helps, just creates a loop. Actually dealing with your sexual energy may be new to you, takes time to get a better control of it.
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  7. Judas Johnson

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    I'm losing my patience and getting angry over the smallest of things. I think it's one of those things with recovery.

    I've found talking to myself, and explaining to myself how irrational some of my is anger helps.

    Breaking it down and realising that in fact it's only actually something small and insignificant really.
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  8. Infrasapiens

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    My anger became a dull sensation of "Bad" as time went on.
  9. With time ull be able to control this...since before nofap ur brain dont have idea about what to do when ur high on hormone as fapping reduces level..but as soon u go well with become a habit and all be fine...
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  10. My anger has reduced, but I'm now on hard mode all through the night. When I wake up during the night, I have to pee in the shower and then turn the faucet on to rinse it, because toilet is not possible in that state.
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    I do not experience that my anger rises, but that may be because I see that there is no point in being angry at all and the only person who loses something when I am angry is me. Negative emotions are first of all hurting yourself.

    I recommend Medition and to listen to Eckhart Tolle and Alan Watts.
    I think that Sadhguru has some interviews/videos about the topic but I am not sure, if then I recommend watching it.

    Also Coldshower are a great thing to start, your overall body feeling may rise and your Body / health will thank you.

    If you experience anger than you could try to not name it as anger, first of all it's just a kind of energy and anger is just a tag we namend it after, which is insufficient for the complexity of the world. Try to only sense and observe the feeling without thinking and naming, and you will see the energy and emotion will change fast.
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  12. This morning I woke up very hard and stroke it a few times. Did not O, because I stopped, but it felt to so good :(
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    It's so god damn tempting, but so far I have managed to resist
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  14. I was hard almost all through the night last night and a good chunk of the first HOUR after waking up. Difficult to resist, but I did. I have also noticed some pain in my balls, but I've taken some aspirin for it. If it doesn't go away, I'll go to a urologist to see if there's anything wrong, but I think it's just nonfap-related.
  15. Grass helps me with my anger.
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    Yeah, I have noticed a lot of occurences with NoFap anger.

    I think mine chilled out after a few months.

    But you do get frustrated a lot.
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    I like the chicken man, depends on the situation.
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    The chicken man is a good person. The man wearing the chicken man not so much.
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