Becoming More Physical After Losing Virginity

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by Jiladah, Nov 27, 2015.

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    Hello there, I've been quite happy as it's been 6 months since my last relapse. I feel many "superpowers" as they're called. I find it relatively easy to draw in girls and get close to them but as I'm sixteen I'm still a virgin and I think that because of this I find it difficult to get physical with girls. My question is, has anyone found it easier to be more physical with girls after losing their virginity? Thanks for any feedback, it will be greatly appreciated. Peace.
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    I have heard that it may be the case. However, make sure losing your virginity is with someone you absolutely love.
    I may come across as preachy but, I would think it best for marriage rather than go to a prostitute or whoever, and then try to get more physical with a bunch of girls or an endless string of girlfriends. If you are with a spouse, someone who you know inside and out and they are the same with you, you can get sex whenever you want! I have been reading up and many wives want it so much. They just wished their husbands initiated more often. What could be better than that for us horny guys!
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    You don't even know what kind of sex
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    What are blabbering about? ;)
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    You're just assuming it's good just because a woman is offering it. The thirst is real, etc
  6. Just for record... This is very true. Haha
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    So? Its why were are all here isn't it?
  8. not much could be betttter then that! I want to have emotions, feeling with a girl not so much S, at the end of the night, S, that's all it is, talking from a single stand point, not from being married of course, then s would mean something I am sure.
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    Losing your virginity will have you be more physical to that 1 person and less physical to everyone else from my experience.
    Also you feel a reservation for a reason although going to be a subjective reason too but better one starts being analytical to one's own want, desires, behaviors, and what not earlier rather then later.

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