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    Ok guys here in this thread I'll post my everyday game experiences and hope you post your own. Yes, we can do it.
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    Brother, Game is not so complicated as most people in internet sites give us. It has only some basics.
    First of all, In order to avoid wasting your time to woo girls who are unavailable, you should screen them.
    Screening really comes down to three things:

    1. Look for IOIs
    2. Saying the right things
    3. Being sexually assertive (really flirtatious)
    When you learn to do these three things in the right combination, you’ll find that screening works WONDERS for getting laid fast. Rather than going out and wasting your time talking to girls who aren’t interested in you, you’ll end up investing your time and energy in the 20% of girls that will give you the biggest return.

    Looking For IOI’s
    Looking out for the right IOI’s is a great way to screen women for sexual availability. While there’s always exceptions to this rule, for the most part, if a girl is interested in you, she’ll end up giving you a lot of IOI’s. There’s a few KEY ones to look out for, that typically indicate a high level of attraction.

    See, there’s varying “levels” of IOI’s. In other words, some IOI’s mean that she’s “somewhat attracted,” while other IOI’s mean that she’s “down to fuck right now.” Learning to decipher between the different types of IOI’s is how you effectively screen girls for sexual availability.

    Anytime she gives you IOIs it means she’s very attracted to you. The more of them, and the more frequently she does them, the better:

    • Playing with her hair like a schoolgirl
    • Giggling at everything you say/do, even if it isn’t funny
    • Hugging you, touching you, etc.
    • Looking DEEP into your eyes
    In my opinion, these are all the “cream of the crop” IOI’s, because if a girl gives me even one of these, I know there’s a good chance she’ll want to sleep with me. If she’s giving you multiple of these IOI’s, and doing them FREQUENTLY, then it’s probably time to pull.

    Saying the Right Things
    Screening is one HER body language, one part saying certain words, and one part flirting—this is the second part. There’s certain things that when you say, and there’s certain “routines” that when you do, she will be screened out IMMEDIATELY. If you open her with a pickup line., that’s screening.

    Take, for example, the following opening sequence:

    • Guy: [Notices IOI’s from Girl, Approaches Her]
    • Guy: “Hey, you look like a Scorpio.”
    • Girl: “What? Why?”
    • Guy: “I don’t know, you just look very mischievous.”
      • [Tension Point #1]
    • Girl: “Haha! Thanks, I think?”
    • Guy: “My name’s Alpha, what’s your name?” [Shakes Girl’s Hand]
    • Girl: “I’m Rachel! :)
    • Guy: “Wow, you have a strong handshake. Do you lift?”
    • Guy: [Squeezes Her Bicep]
      • [Tension Point #2]
    This is a very basic routine that you can go out and use to screen girls. If you notice however, there’s two “tension points” that I put in there. These are the points where, depending on how she reacts, you’ll know pretty much instantly if she’s interested and/or sexually available.

    If, for tension point #1, she laughs or says something flirty in return (“How did you know?”) then she’s likely pretty interested. If, for tension point #2, she giggles and gives you an IOI, then she’s definitely interested. This is a great example of screening, because girls who aren’t interested will immediately pull away or convey their disinterest.

    Being Sexually Assertive
    Have you ever heard of the “instant make out”? It’s kind of the “holy grail” in the PUA community, because it demonstrates a keen sense of social dominance and intelligence. I’ve done plenty of “instant make outs,” because I know what to look for when a girl is just horny and wants to fuck.

    For example, a couple months ago I was walking through towm , and saw a girl gazing into my eyes from 15 feet away. She looked like she was in love or something. So, we locked eyes, and I slowly walked closer. I got closer, and she slowly moved closer to me. I opened my arms, and she fell into them. I looked into her eyes, and she looked up at me, and we made out.

    **Note: DO NOT try this if you’re a newbie, because you’ll probably just end up getting smacked in the face.

    The point is though, when you see an IOI, you should move on it FAST. Girls who are interested in you will respond favorably, and those who aren’t interested will immediately display their disinterest. Here’s a couple IOI’s and how I respond to them quickly:

    1. When she hugs me, I look down into her eyes to see if she’ll look back up with intense eye contact.
    2. When she brushes up against me (a common IOI), I’ll give her a hug and spike her emotions (with words)
    If she shows sexual interest in me, I’ll very quickly suggest we “go outside for some fresh air.” Girls aren’t stupid, they know what this means (you’re trying to be alone with them). If she agrees, we go outside and hang out, maybe kiss a bit, and then I escalate further. “Hey, do you wanna go watch a movie at my place?”

    Again, GIRLS AREN’T STUPID. They know what this means. Just come up with something fun to do back at your place, and if she agrees, she’s probably down to fuck. If she doesn’t, then maybe you just need to chat her up more and flirt more, until she’s comfortable with you. Ultimately this just comes down to MOVING FAST.
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    I won't say you're wrong because you're not. You make really great points and thanks for putting down the energy to write that. The thing is for guys who don't have interactions with women often you can't simply tell them to do this and expect to pull it off. These are all the things that should be in the back of you're head as you're talking to the girls, like Todd V says "the best game is the one that doesn't look like game". And I also think that for all of this screening to work you need to get out of your shell.

    See, the human mind works in a lot of different ways but one of the basic ways is by having a belief and gathering proof towards it. So if a guy believes he's shit, he's shy, he isn't good enough, his experiences with women will tell him the same thing because he believes that. That's why I believe it's important to let guys be comfortable with themselves first and then use all this technique.
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    You are absolutely right my friend. I didn't think about a shy inexperienced guy who has no game trying this.
    From what I know, You are never going to be good with women nor life if you don't have the right mindset. I was the shy inexperienced depressed guy. In order to start game or even just start a new business, we should have the right mindset. The right mindset defines our character. Even if we lose everything, we won't talk a word about our losses if we have the right mindset.
    1) Confidence
    When we talk about confidence, many of us think about confidence as self-assurance. Self-Assurance gives a guy a good insight about what he is good at and how he looks. But, that is totally temporary. When that same guy faces a situation which tests his balls, he will fail miserably. Because, self-assurance projects percieved confidence. He can get away with looking condidcon instead of being confident. Real confidence is something that doesn't shatter no matter what. Real confidence comes from his passion, drive and motivation rather than materialistic things like clothes, good looks etc. If somebody asks me how to get unshatterable confidence, I cannot reply him. Because, the drives and aspirations of people vary largely.
    Here is a bonus: Working out needs some balls. When you workout, you transmute your energy into physical work. The drive to workout also bleeds into your personal life as well as your work and everything. Working out doesn't necessarily mean going to the gym and lifting. You can work out in nature.
    2) Self Belief
    This is a tough one, because I was struggling with it for a long time. It literally translates to "You can do any fucking thing in the world." It sounds narcissistic, but it's actually optimistic. Self Believe can be compared to Optimism. If you are optimistic, then you have self belief.
    3) Social Intelligence
    This still haunts me, I have had severe social anxieties. I have those now too, but it's a little less. Women have more social intelligence than men. Because, they are first of all extroverted ( there are exceptions) on the other hand the majority of men are introverted (it's not actually a bad thing. It's due to the effect of testosterone on the male brain which causes the silent guy syndrome. And, there is a great research going on showing that aggressive men tend to be more silent than their counterparts.)
    But, it's not the introvertedness that causes weak social skills, it's the anxiety that mixes with our introvertedness which makes it look wierd to women. To be truthful, I haven't found a natural way to reduce social anxiety. There are medications however which may cause side effects. Like the old saying goes " If you're going through hell, keep on going." So, The only way to reduce social anxiety is to put yourself in totally wierd and uncomfortable positions, I have done that and it works to some extent. I've heard that nofap helps. So, I'm here doing nofap.
    But always remember: The Biggest Cock-Block in Your Life is Nothing But You.
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