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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Anakin66, Feb 24, 2020.

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    Yeah that's where I'm at too. It's easier to finish and worry about it later.

    Its frustrating because I want this book to be done but all the work seems to help, but it uncovers more work to be done after it.

    I've been engaged and working hard BUT IM STILL 50 PAGES from the end lol.

    I'm still working it.
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  2. GottaBFree

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    The new section I've been writing bridged into the existing text tonight.

    Today I wrote maybe 1500 words and I edited 10 pages of existing work.

    I loved what I read tonight. It was raw first draft stuff but it was world's better than my first drafts when I started the book.

    If the rest of the book is this smooth, this draft will be done in 2 more big sessions.

    1st half:
    - Tabs
    - Add minor "world rule"

    2nd half
    Rewrites done in 40 pages.
    Needs 2 more drafts by me (4-7 days each)
    Needs a beta read with my wife (I'll probably start when she has time. We only get through 10-22 pages a night together. I'll probably have to start querying before this step is done).
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    Well I didn't have time to get much of anything done this morning. Will finish the chapter tomorrow and hopefully edit the prior chapter as well.
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  4. I've made it up to 1800 words or so in my article but I've hit a brick wall. I just remembered that I've not yet moved the chapter to a word document so I'm gonna do that today.
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    Definitely do this asap. I actually had a friend who has done editing say that getting rid of the invisible characters isnt a MASSIVE deal but doing it makes it easier for an editor and is generally more professional. Like I was saying to Gottabefree, it's not hard, just tedious.
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    Decided to get the chapter done after all. 759 words. One chapter remaining till the end of act 5.
  7. I haven't been writing. As my antivirus and p filter has been using to much data. I need to call IT to see what the story is. I went to the library yesterday and got some books on character creation and also how to correctly write your novel. So I'll do a little study. I may get into editing it a bit but I'd rather have internet so I can have it in hemingway or grammerly.

    I'd like to buy one or the other. Or does a paid microsoft word help too?
    Just had to get tyres and a vehicle license on my car yesterday as well as insurance so a little broke now!

    I'll keep writing poetry and haikus while I'm figuring out what to do with my novel.

    Keep up the good work friends.
  8. GottaBFree

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    Lots of the used software is shady, but if you can find newish Word for really cheap.

    I plan to only use paid Grammarly for final edits.

    I did a ton yesterday and couldn't get into it today, so now I need to decide if I should stay up late or try again another day. Either way, I need to pace myself better. I would do well to cap it at four hours.
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    Read through the last two chapters and made minor edits. Up to 440 pages. Book two is officially one page off being as long as book one, one chapter before its final act.
  10. AtomicTango

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    No time to write today. Will update next time I am able.
  11. So I forgot to mention this, but I completed my article over the weekend (3500 words), started a new short story, and finally moved the chapter to a document, where final edits will occur this week.
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    Got some personal stuff going on right now that might make it harder to write as consistently as I usually do. Considering I was going to take some time off after this next chapter anyway I cannot decide if I should just take the time off now, or try to get the chapter done as best I can then take it off as planned.
  13. All the best :)
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    Thank you!
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    Managed to squeeze some time in today 494 words. I hope to have the chapter done this week even after the delays but I cant guarantee it.
  16. Hello all.
    Have not been working on my novel much lately. But I have been working on a bit of poetry.
    Have been doing a lot of reading. And also a bit of work around the place. I'm getting ready to start working again soon.
  17. AtomicTango

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    1292 words today. Chapter is finished, along with the act. Gonna read and make minor edits to the chapter tomorrow then take a break.
  18. I finally edited the chapter haha. I'm also working on a new short story and I'm at around 700 words.
  19. GottaBFree

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    I'm one good session from completing the rewrite edit of the 2nd half and I have been for days. Struggling with motivation for some reason. It's probably tonight or not until Monday.

    I need to rewrite my query letter and synopsis at some point. I want to write a less safe version that let's it all hang out. My plot was never the selling point so I'm going to try to emphisise charicters better.

    I'm going to query all the agents I consider "Tier 1" and then I want to self publish if I don't get any authors. Self publishing is launching more careers than traditional, so I don't see much risk.
  20. Finally got the chapter into Google Docs, but I'm having trouble editing it on my computer atm so I'm gonna try again this afternoon. I've also made it up to 800 words on the short story.

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