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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Anakin66, Feb 24, 2020.

  1. I agree though it's humid as hell over here Dx
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  2. internetpioneer

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    Just discovered this thread as well, and I'm getting hooked.
    I am always weary of recommendations about writing (to give and receive) but breaking my own rules :) , here are some:
    - Keep writing, even if you think what you write has no good quality. Write through, keep it as a habit. If you write 300 words a day, every day, I promise in 6 months you'll have at least 5000 words that are pure gold. You can't be inspired every time you sit down to write, and if you write once a week, it might not happen at all!
    - Technique always helps. Some theory is always good, online classes, books, reading for writing,... One book that might help you - I really like the introduction and the analysis of the examples - is Madison Smartt Bell 'Narrative Design'. Writing workshops are a different kind of animal, and there are constructive and destructive workshops, I would not recommend them to everyone.
    - Understand why you want to write is also important: do you want to publish? do you want to write for yourself as self expression? Are you writing for someone else? Do you enjoy writing or it's a pain? Depending on your answer, the way you relate to your work is different. How you assess your work depends so much on what do you want to get from writing.
    - Understanding how you write also helps. Some like free writing, no structure, no preconceived plot, just start writing with any idea in mind, letting the subconscious take over... Later I give it shape, edit, revise, find a connection on my writing. Other people need an idea to build around, an experience. Others have the whole story in their heads, and they need to take it out.
  3. AtomicTango

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    I agree with what @internetpioneer has said, some good advice there. Here are some things I personally found useful.

    You need to learn to walk before you can run. If you feel unable to write short stories, write flash fiction instead. Do it for no reason other than to practice as much as possible.

    Read a lot. You will often find that even published authors fall into habits that you may be desperate to rid yourself of. It's OK to hold yourself to a high standard, just not a RIDICULOUS standard. I used to get annoyed if I used a word too many time, and now I dont care unless it's egregious.

    Accountability is important. Comment on the thread, engage with other readers/writers, and be inspired! That's how I was at first and now I've written 2 novels!
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  4. AtomicTango

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    It's baking over here as well. You're in Tennessee or nearabouts right?
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  6. Bloggertobe

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    Thanks a a lot for these tips man. Starting tomorrow, I have decided to write 3 pages a day. I will keep updating my progress on this forum.
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  7. Bloggertobe

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    Thanks a lot for your help! I love your posts here and your writing as well! I have decided to write one flash fiction story everyday and although I'd rather not share my work on this forum just yet, I will definitely use it for accountability as you said.
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  8. Bloggertobe

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    I love reading YA fiction and dystopian novels. My favorite authors would probably be Murakami and Ray Bradbury. Do you like their books?
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  9. AtomicTango

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    Thank you very much, that is very kind of you. I look forward to seeing your updates.

    I was not a big fan of Fahrenheit 451, but I have liked every Murakami book I have read.
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  10. internetpioneer

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    I'm very eclectic, and have a tendency for the classics.
    But mostly narrative fiction. It changes all the time, but the last years I've been reading mostly classic Russian short story writers: Chekhov, Babel, Gogol, Platonov, Bulgakov, Nabokov, Bunin, and some modern too, like Petrushevskaya and Dovlatov. The early Russian science fiction I find it really good too (Zamyatin). It's funny because I cannot even start the big Russian novels, Tolstoy, Dostoevsky.
    Japanese authors too: Murakami short stories I can read them several times without being tired.
    For sometime I got into the novellas of Banana Yoshimoto.
    In Spanish, Cortazar and Borges - Javier Marias short stories too.

    I had a noir period and I'd read (almost) all Ellroy and some Simenon and Camilleri (Montalbano), and Nordic noir too.
    Writers in English:
    In my youth I was very keen in Paul Bowles short stories.
    Graham Greene I read most of him too.
    John LeCarre.

    I write mostly short stories. I don't think they fit any particular genre, though a couple of them can be considered noir.
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  11. internetpioneer

    internetpioneer Fapstronaut

    Good stuff there. I read Yoko Ogawa's 'Hotel Iris' and wanted to read more from her. I saw 'The Memory Police' at the bookshop recently but did not connect the dots (I have bad memory, I blame it on PMO lol).
    Flannery O'Connor short stories they are perfectly crafted. She has a couple of essays on how to write which are good introductions to technique.
  12. I'm in Tennessee
  13. AtomicTango

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    700 words today. Honestly I think I may aim to get this chapter done early next week, then take my break from the rest of that week and then the week after that. I really feel like I need it.
  14. Bloggertobe

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    I got my first 300 words done today. The plot wasn't fantastic and seemed a bit cheesy now that I re-read it after a few hours but I guess this is a decent start. Tomorrow, I plan on writing a bit more, around 700 words because I have a lot more free time as compared to today
  15. Nan0nymous

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    Tired body, squeky bead
    Rock hard pillow up my head
    And a beast that wants me dead
    This one really drives me mad
    Every night is full of dread
    "You are hopeless" as they said
    Some flashbacks I can't forget
    It's a wound that bled and bled
    All my life was painted red
    I can cope and stay braindead
    But I choose to fight instead
    To the beast i am like bread
    Every night i hear it's tread
    Every night await bloodshed

    2:43 A.M.
    Rainy night without an end
    That's my limit now, I can't
    My sore throat is dead
    Just finished my last cigarette
    I'm all alone with myself talking
    Getting addicted to smoking
    The last cigarette to illumine
    I am no longer feeling human

    Something I wrote about a week ago. Wanted to write more but it's been a really rough week. Good news is I've been clean despite all the challenges life gave me. Started smoking a bit though because of the nerves. I'll go home on a vacation next week after almost 9 months in the army. Been texting with a pretty girl, I'll try to ask her out when I'm home.

    Second poem is quite bad but I wrote just to capture a specific moment in my life as one of the lowest. So it is really important for me.
    Everything's better now, especially now that I stopped the binge.
  16. internetpioneer

    internetpioneer Fapstronaut

    "Been texting with a pretty girl, I'll try to ask her out when I'm home."
    Gives me so much hope at this moment.
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  17. I wrote an entire poem today and sent it in for a contest.
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  18. GottaBFree

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    I'm camping this week but on Saturday I'm going to sit down and complete query letters and a synopsis.

    I showed the one I liked to my wife and she was like, "uh, it's crap and the first one was good. It reads like you are trying to write a book now."

    Lol. I just want to get it done, submit it to say I did, and then self publish under a pen name.

    I want to write new stuff. This crap isn't fun lol.
  19. Your doing great. And your writing style has improved since the first time you posted.
    Good news friend stay clean keep writing.
  20. Howdy brothers.
    Haven't been by in a while.
    I've been good however. Have started at the gym. Been working out.
    Am moving this week so I'm going to set up a desk and do a bit more writing again.
    I have written a bit of poetry but haven't touched the novel.
    Been busy at work and yeah life's actually really really good.

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