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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Anakin66, Feb 24, 2020.

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    I really love the energy of this thread.
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    Hi, I didn't take time to read it yet. It's set in an area in Japan that is said to be the most snowy place in the world. Don't know exactly, I think it's about falling in love, wasted love, etc. And its major character is a geisha I think.
    I realised that Japanese books are hard to translate as they write ambiguous sentences and they're unclear to who they refer sometimes, while in other languages you probably must clearly state to whom you're referring. Don't remember exactly. Something like this.

    All in all, the book is not what I wanted. It seems to be a very sad story and also a bit ambiguous and hard to read. But will read it as it's short.
    Thanks. I've been beyond busy lately. Will do something for it if I get more time.
  3. I've written two essays in the span of a week. That's pretty good if I say so myself.
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    Write, write and then write some more. Just like any creative art, it is your willingness to just pour and pour. It really doesn't matter if some of the stuff is awful. You are investing and your ROI will come. But in my experience I had to just make myself proficient by sheer doing it.
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    Been thinking about sharing some of the better poems of mine with her
    You think it's a good idea?
    I think I'll do it anyway but interesting what others think about it
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    Hi guys,

    Got 500 words done today. Couldn't write more because some work came up.
    I also signed up for a free creative writing course on coursera. Have any of you taken cany such course in the past?
  7. AtomicTango

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    Worked late to get this chapter done. 1002 words. I really need this break and honestly I can see myself making it more than just the one week, but we'll see how I feel.
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    Not in a MOOC, it is important to get in contact with some theory, but don't get too obsessed with 'good practices' or comparing your work to the examples they use to illustrate techniques. The ultimate thing is that you keep your passion, if the theory doesn't work for you, fuck it!
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    Sure! It is the perfect way to reveal your true self to her. Usually anyone will welcome it as a sign that you want to open to them. Maybe you need to be selective in what you show her.
    Just realized that it works both ways: the way she will react will tell you a lot about her.
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  10. Only up in the stars with Leia.
  11. That was good.
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    3137 words this week. Up to 537 pages. Taking my break now.
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    Ok so I selected some of the better ones and that don't mention porn and sent them to her. She said they're unique and she liked them.
    She seems to have started ghosting me past couple of days. Unfortunate, cause she seemed like a good girl, christian, likes to read, smart and pretty.
    Maybe she's just busy but whatever, I don't have much hope left. This rejection has opened up some old wounds but I think I'm fine.
    I used it to write some more

    I'm drowning in a whirlpool
    My plane is about to crash
    And all that is left of my world
    Are cigarette stubs and ash

    I have suicidal thoughts and a rifle
    And I must live

    "Day 13"
    Been feeling low today
    Really want to live today
    Hard times pass is all they say
    It's been 6 years since the day
    That I felt the love of may
    She's been happy all the way
    While I struggle night and day
    I was sunk and washed away
    Now in swamp, I'm here to stay
    Writing helps me hide away
    And forget this lonely day...
    Really want to live today
    I really want to live today
  14. Nan0nymous

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    Also talked to God today, asked him to let me know if He wants me to stay single or give me an answer why I can't be interesting for women.
    Didn't get an answer but for now I decided to focus on my own 'thing' that is writing.
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  15. internetpioneer

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    It's life, people come and go. You'll meet lots of people in the path. Some will stay longer, some will be with us shorter. When they go, let them go.
    I wish I could use my frustrations to write. Instead they block me even more.
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  16. How's everyone writing this week?
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    I'm on my break for this week.
  18. AtomicTango

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    The spider weaves a
    tapestry of silver threads
    between cactus spines.
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  19. Same here
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