Becoming the writer I want to be

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Anakin66, Feb 24, 2020.

  1. Awesome news man! Well done. What's the plan now? A holiday!?
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    Hi Henry, hope you are doing well. I'm going to take a couple weeks off then get back to polishing the draft. Might take some time before I write book 3 to write something else. Not entirely sure what.
  3. Yay! I'm so happy for you man. :D

    It's been a busy time on my end haha
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    What have you been doing?
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  5. I got a job!!! So I've been working for the past week or so.
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    That's great to hear. What job are you doing?
  7. I'm a tutor for my local community college
  8. I'm a tutor at my local community college
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    Wow, that's amazing. What are you tutoring?
  10. English/writing
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    First haiku in nearly a month. Would love to hear any feedback.

    The butterfly and
    honeybee perch on flowers
    while birds sing, unseen.

    Sunshine's like the tides.
    Treasure the days, the minutes
    before light leaves us.
  13. They are good.
    I would make one comment on the second one however. If we trust and have Hope in the Lord there is no fear of death or of the light leaving.
    Something worth contemplating as it is an eternity that rests on the balance of a decision.
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    You might have picked up I don't like haiku's but I love the 2nd one.

    Congrats on getting the book done!

    I'm a straight white male who is socially and politically conservative. I queried maybe 20 agents over 2 days. I was going to do 100+ but I can't.

    NY agents and publishing houses don't want me and the feeling is now mutal lol. I was working top down from a list but I never hit my top choices. I had to be honest with myself - I dislike every agent interview and request for materials.

    I'll self publish and move on. It was lots of fun to create and interesting to see the view of middle America coming from NY. I'll enjoy watching traditional publishing die now that I know it's a suicide.
  15. These are gorgeous! I love both of them. I think I like the first one the best but the second one's very beautiful. I'm working on a haiku too.
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  16. Why do publishing houses not want you, man?
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    They have an agenda and they only want stuff that furthers it. It's consistent.
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    Thanks for the kind words everyone.
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    Thank you for the motivation my man, and congratulations on pulling through!

    I think I'll jump aboard since i want to write a lot of lyrics for my musical endeavours but seldom get down to it.

    Reading "the war of art" by Steven Pressfield got me some lasting motivation and a new view on the addiction in regards to personal goals and I'd highly recommend it to everyone.
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    Welcome aboard! Nice to see a new face!
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