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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Anakin66, Feb 24, 2020.

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    Already said in a DM, but these are all very good. I can see the improvement over time from where you started.
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    Hello everyone! How are you all doing? Finally back lmao.


    I tried to be productive during my time away. I've started editing book 2 so I can send it to early readers. I also wrote a handful of haikus. Let me know what you think!

    The sound of the rain.
    Pitter-patter pitter-pat.
    Beneath grey, pure blue.

    Candyfloss saunters
    across a burning ocean
    turning dark and cold.

    Trees without their leaves
    spread their roots in ashen soil.
    Skeletal remains.

    As silver cascades
    from Heaven high above us,
    the thirsty plant smiles.

    Cold against my ear,
    frigid voices speak. They say,
    "Summer's done for sure."
  3. Thanks! I've seen myself improve too and now I make sure everything's 5-7-5 and it's taught me a lot about word choice and flow.

    I love the first and third ones. I'm impressed with their imagery and it's inspiring me to try some new styles going forward. It's nice to see you back tho! :D
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    Thank you. It's good to be back.
  5. All of them are great your doing well!
    This one in particular I really like!
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    Up to 102 pages edited. Making good progress, with my goal being to send it off to early readers sometime next month.
  7. I love this one too. I'm hoping to do more bird-themed ones this month and get an essence of the season.
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  8. I'm quite fond of bird ones myself.

    Little birds feeding
    Pohutukawa's nectar
    Cheerfully dancing

    Silver cloaked trees sway
    Most bare yet one blossoming
    Listen and be still

    Seasons are changing
    Leaves fall yet the tree still stands
    Changing yet secure

    The birds chirp and sing
    They are content with no house
    No worry or fear

    The ants work non stop
    Gathering with a purpose
    They will dwell with peace

    Go outside look up
    You hold the keys to your chains
    Fear is a liar

    Many types of grass
    Some tall some short some flower
    Wonderfully designed

    Do not fret or fear
    Set your mind on something pure
    Be at rest my soul
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    123 pages edited. Also wrote a haiku.

    Streaks of white on blue.
    Clouds painted across the sky.
    Divine artistry.
  10. I wrote one starting with "seasons may change" but this one's far superior. I love all of your haikus! You're talented (we all are) but have you thought of organizing a poetry book?
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    I like these. You should post this form of poetry more often.
  12. I agree. Heck, I'd be happy if we three made a poetry book together, haha.
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  13. And I'm serious. If you two ever wanted to make a book of haikus with me, I won't turn down the invitation.
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    If you ever want a book of "There once was a man from Nantucket" poems I'm in.

  15. xD
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  16. Yeah that would be a great idea! We should.
  17. I really enjoy them. It was you who introduced me to haikus :)
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    Dont normally do any work weekends, but I decided to edit another chapter. 134 pages.
  19. We should! I'm all for it as I'm sure we'd create something beautiful. I'm all ears for talking about it. :)
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  20. A bit of a cheeky, jazz haiku for you guys:

    seasonal romances
    are delightful, delirious,
    or even de-lovely
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