Bed was supposed to be undefiled

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    Hi all,
    So some of you may know my story. I completed 90 days hard mode. Why start? I took this test that said I was addicted to porn and read nofap book which made it clear I needed this resource. What promoted seeking help with porn? (This time at least)
    Well honestly two things, my wife and I started to lower and lower sexual encounters, no intimacy, poor relationship with God, and then we had a child. It beamed obvious to me one day at work, which was horribly slow for once, that God wanted to reach my heart and turn things around. I wouldn’t listen to him when everything was going my way, but taking out sex really got my listening. Now my mission is to undo the damage my previous six years of lustful adultery and selfish servitude has done to my walk and my wife. Please feel free to share or ask. And definitely offer prayers and support, too. Thanks. Rob
  2. I pray for your success in all aspects of this!
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    Best of luck to you and your wife. Does she have an account here?

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