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    First off 3 weeks clean from porn and 2 weeks clean from O today (02/16/2017). Going for 120 days. Don't care to compete because I'm the type of person that competes with himself. Competition doesn't interest nor makes me do better.

    After 9 days been playing with it to get hard every couple of days just to feel if sensitivity improved but quit soon as it got hard. Day 10 still wasn't as sensitive as it was today on the 16th. It was just like touching another part of my body. I've gone this far so to masturbate to completion would just be a waste of two weeks and the reason I don't want to quit? The self-confidence I have got is amazing me every single day and I don't want to lose that. And to clarify if fapping to get it hard to test sensitivity is that considered masturbation?

    I firmly believe in the law of attraction and going on week 3 I still haven't experienced any flatlining like others described just due to positive affirmations every day. Plus since I've been so full of energy and super horny all the time I've attracted a pretty girl into my life after a year and a half of being single. Got a date Sunday, so thankful for that. They say your mind is a computer and if you expect flatlining then it'll happen so I'm expecting it to get sensitive and more sensitive every day. Not being cocky it's just the way I've trained my brain to be optimistic no matter what happens. It works if you work it.

    Self-control has been getting easier not just with abstaining from porn and ejaculation but with other aspects of myself. I've noticed I've become calmer in hectic situations and I have a lot more self worth. In the past, to win over a girl I'd say anything, even go against my own beliefs just to be with her. Now? I stand my ground and pass up the chance to be with someone if their beliefs aren't aligned with mine. Just after 14 days. For you guys at 30, 60, 90 and even like that james warrior guy at 400 days I can only imagine how awesome yall must feel. Will post more every couple of days or so to keep yall updated on the journey.
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