Been away, but now I'm back!

Discussion in 'New to NoFap' started by malemedusa, Feb 14, 2015.

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    I originally became a fapstronaut on 11/20/14. I was so happy to finally be a part of this great community and immediately embarked on what would become my longest streak in recent years. As the weeks went by a felt stronger and stronger, all the while claiming that porn was permanently in my past. That is until I reached the 29th day, at which point I relapsed.

    I felt so ashamed that I didn't even come back, I felt like I'd let everyone down.

    The only one I really let down was me by not coming back. A favorite quote of mine is "Victory comes not in never having fallen, but in getting up every time that you fall!" Some of you may have heard that because I quoted many times on this forum to other members during my first attempt. Somehow, I'd forgotten about that.

    In the past 2 weeks I've returned continually to the nofap forums and read a lot of testimonials. The one thing I discovered is that most if not all of you guys have relapsed to from time to time as well. The next is that instead of kicking myself hard over the relapse. What I should have done is carefully evaluate the circumstances that led to the relapse, and derive the valuable lessons that could be learned from it. I raked myself over the coals for relapsing, instead of being grateful and thankful for the 28 days of absolute peace and serenity I did have.

    I'm current 2 weeks in hard mode and once again I feel fantastic. My libido is currently flat-lined, yet I consider that a real blessing at the present moment. My mind's reward circuitry, as well as my junk are enjoying the much needed rest. While my libido is on vacation, I am using the energy that would normally be spent PMOing toward improving other areas of my life.

    I'm working out, reading a lot more, taking cold showers and just plane finding new outlets for all this excess energy.

    It's good to be back, see you at 90 days!
  2. Welcome...great to have more friends on this important journey.

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