been constantly cheated on in my past

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    that is my confession, and i accept it as all my fault, the reason i attracted females, is i was sharply focused on my purpose in life, to make a life for my self as a man, i work hard, i didnt give in to failure, i didnt accept what was first handed to me, i always demanded option 2 which they hid behind theyre back with theyre other hand. money wasnt a factor to me due to my ambitions, drive, i ran people over if they got in the way of my goals, etc.
    someone trying to rob me of things, tell me how to run things i ignored them and kept doing what i was doing, if it didnt kill me, it didnt let it affect me.
    all this about a man attracts woman, unfortunately they well get shamed for it , they get called gold diggers, but the ones who are calling them gold diggers, i would say are the males who dont follow theyre purpose ,they dont have drive, probably at home pmo ing, to the same females they put down, these females you put down calling them gold diggers, they absolutely have no interest in the stupid car, not the clothes not the watch not anything the man buys with his money, its his force, his aura he shines off, it pulls her in like a magnet she cant help it, its law, these females are going to dress sexy, it elevates theyre energies, elevates males energies , yet again we are shaming them for it again calling them a slut ,etc, when i work at work they dress very sexy and i find the females i work with who dress sexy, it hieghts my energy it excites me, im usually working at a 90 percent hustle, then it shoots to a 110 percent hustle.
    hmm in relationships its meant to share your life to gether , built life togethers, but then we end up exchanging powers, males becomes clingy, emtional, passive, gives in to her , she then gets his power of dominance , it may thrill her for a year or two, shes not use to this power, but its not her nature and so becomes uninterested, doesnt find him attracive no more, then falls for another guy, that has what you use to have in the beginning , dominance ,focused on his purpose as a man , yes its ok to love , protect her, support her, provide , but dont give in to feminine natures ,:D
    and as man dont fall in your emotions , lashing out blaming others , stop crushing that in which gave you life
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