Been doing nofap for a month and now I can't get hard anymore

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Chocolate_Cake, Aug 29, 2021.

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    I've started nofap (NO PMO) one month ago because I had PIED (low libido and ED with real girls, but I could get 90% hard while I M) but now I cannot get hard at all.

    This freaks me out. It's worse now than before starting nofap. I cannot have any erection whatsoever and I have even less libido than before starting nofap.

    Is this somewhat "normal"?

    Doctors exams and tests came back OK
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  2. CodeTalker

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    Probably a flatline. Means you are recovering.
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    This really is ok. Especially if the doctor says you’re all right physically. Your system is rewiring. I had similar stretches of poor functioning. And then eventually everything ended up working even better than it had before! Just stick with it.
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    I have just lost the love of my life as the intimacy in our relationship disappeared.

    I left our holiday early to come home and have space to M. I have been caught M in the toilets at work. I am carrying so much shame for the last 13 years of secret addiction that I now have an identity crisis and need therapy.

    I feel like my whole 20s was robbed from me by porn addiction and I allowed it to happen. I have no self awareness, self esteem or self love because of the shame.

    Porn addiction drove me to marijuana to supplement the hit, and is the only time I have drunk alcohol alone is to M.

    Now my peers view me as a reclusive chronic stoner and nobody even knows my real addiction.

    If I confess to my ex what my real addiction has been all these years will it ease my trauma? Will it help to be exposed? I cannot handle the thought of all the wasted time and love I could have given to her. What do people think?

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