Been drinking and gf is upset

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    I have been not PMOing but have been drinking, which I don't do, but so much stress at home and it's hard. I just want to numb sometimes. What should I do to stop this one?
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    Try meditating, Its helped me quit weed, better my life, find new happiness and as a whole become a better person. Partnered with excersies, eating a little more healthy and not indulging in temporal satisfaction. Can explain further if you want :)
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  3. Nugget9

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    That would be awesome if you could explain further. I hope you have a great holiday.
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    Hey again, I had a wonderful time and I hope you did too I apologise for the late reply.

    So before delving into this, quick few question you should ask your self is why you are drinking?

    Why do you want to feel numb?

    Why are you stressed?

    If you are drinking to fill the void of no PMO then you are playing yourself my friend. Why try get rid of a bad habit to only replace it with a another bad habit? You need to nip this in the bud and fast otherwise you wont feel the full benifets from doing no PMO. Instead of drinking to cope with stress why not do somethig thats more productive and healthy for you. the problem with us humans and a people who masturbate over porn, or go clubbing all the time is that we are seeking happiness/satisfaction in temporal things. If you keep looking for temporal satisfaction you pretty much messing up your self leaving you prone to getting depressed, anxiety and attaining new habits. I had been smoking weed for about two years and near the end of those two years the abuse of weed increased substantially. I smoked pretty much everyday with the occasional break because I wanted to quit etc. I dropped out of university and took an unorthodox route to other people. Didnt have many friends and pretty much all my friends smoked weed. it quickly became bad habit.

    Meditation had been in and out of my life until this year. I found a youtuber that resonated what I was going through on a day to day basis. i quickly clicked with him and began my journey of self development. You have your reasons for wanting to stop PMO; for me it was to further accelerate my journey in meditation and self development. I believe that creating a discipline of abstaining from your sexual desires can prove masively benefitial in pursuing your dreams, transmuting the sexual energy to other areas of your life.

    Meditation has done these things for me (along with no pmo, and keep my body healthy and not falling into temporary satisfaction)

    - cured my stress completely

    - i genuinely wake up happy everyday and i mean everyday a genuine sense of euphoria resonates inside me from the day i wake up till i sleep.

    - new direction in life

    - raised my energy, decreasing my social anxiety.

    - life is just awesome day in day out.

    Now this not may be the same for you, it maybe. There are different types of meditation which I will not get into as I feel if you want to begin it you will have to do your own research. I do mindful breathing mediation.

    What meditation does for me;

    - teaches me to live in the present, to be present.

    - connects me to my higher self.

    - lets me be conscious about every decision in my day to day.

    - helps me control my emotions rather than them control me. now there is like a wall in my head where emotions come in and they are stopped before causing me to react. I evaluate the emotion calmy now and evaluate it throughouly as to why it made me feel that way, why i felt that why etc.

    So how has it helped me control my addictions?

    It's done this because it's made me value myself. I love myself through and throughout. cause no one will love you more than yourself. not your girlfriend mother etc. so if I love myself so much why would i indulge in habits that may leave me vunerable to bad emotions, or relapsing etc.

    Meditation really gives you the answer to EVERYTHING IN LIFE and that answer is YOU. you'll only understand things in this post when you begin meditating its so weird answers will come from within all the time you become a know it all but at the same time knowing nothing lmao :D

    Everything must begin within, you manifest your reality. I cant give you everything you'll need and probably have missed so much in this post but you really have to seek it for yourself. if you truly want to better your life Id honestly say start with these things.

    - meditate

    - feed your brain good stuff rather than toxic stuff. e.g. spending excessive amounts of time on social media, indluging in temporary satisfaction excessively. start watching people like alan watts on youtube, you'll soon find yourself at a rabbiy hole where it will be your decision to jump in or not.

    With saying all this these are what people with low energy (people that fap all day, do toxic stuff, complain about small shit etc) would say are negatives about meditation.

    Because of your new found love for youself you will quickly see that certain family, friends, lovers are there to just bring you down. Or they wont be able to understand or match your energy. I had/have to cut a lot of people off including my ex which has always been hard thing until now. you will begin to create distance from a lot if things you thought you loved doing. the person you have become will be placed infront of you and you will see him further away and away. Its because now you listen to your emotions carefully, you will become less reactive more loving and understanding but more cold at the same time. You will reach somewhere that once you reach you wont go back I'll call it opening your third eye for now.

    I just wanna say one thing before leaving.. I lost myself trying to please everyone, now i am losing everyone trying to please myself. But i can honestly say id never wanna go back to that state of mind. the majority of people will never leave the state of mind of constant stress, depression all that bad stuff cause their brains cannot fathom a life of eternal peace and happiness with in because their energy is too low. when you wake up after beginning your path of self development you will quickly be annoyed to how people can be stressed, sad depressed etc because it will become alien to you. The universe works for us not against us, we create our own reality. My reality is filled with love, constantly raising my energy, pure happiness .. someone elses may not be.

    This is all my own perception and believes but a lot of people who do meditation feel and live the same. do what you will with this information and i wish you the best

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