Been struggling for years.

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    I think I really needed this community. I've had PMO in my life since the age of 9 and woke up to It's detrimental effects in my life around the age of 25. It's been such a hard struggle. While I've been able to abstain from P for about 2 months I've never been able to stop PMO for more than 2 weeks.

    Due to the fact that I'm subject to Pure O(OCD) it hasn't made it any easier. I feel a deep sense of despair and obsess over my sexual taste after every depraved session. I also want to become a Buddhist monk at some point and would like to be over this enough to have some control as a monastic.

    I have alot of work to do but I'm not afraid of it. One who isn't willing to climb the mountain will never know the exhilaration of standing on it's peak. I very well am determined to stand on that peak. I'm glad to see so many people of different backgrounds come together to support each other in this struggle.

    Rest in will my friends.
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    Hi Spririt Seaker, Welcome here
    maybe there is no need to become a monk or living in a hideaway.
    do you do some kind of meditation or yoga techniques?
    this will help you a lot to get to know your sexual desire in a whole new way as a form of your own energy in your body. the problem will be the means to overcome itself!
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  4. Spirit Seeker

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    That I do my friend, nearly every day at least for 30 minutes I practice vipassana. My aspirations for becoming a monk have less to do with PMO though. It's more of a personal pursuit of mines that I personally feel is integral to the human experience. I really appreciate your support though. This is a great indicator that I'm in a good community and I need that in this struggle.
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    Hy Spirit
    how are you doing?

    well i did have spend some time in a monastery.
    it was calming but i didn't find what i was searching for.

    Are you only practicing vipassana?
    i reccomend also to do some tantric kriya yoga techniques before meditation like Pranayamas (Nadi Shoadana, bastrika, yoni mudra kumbakha) also i recommend to practice mula bandha, kechari mudra and sambhavi mudra, while you do your sitting practices. whiel meditating i only do as a sitting practice some siddhasana.

    well it is better to wake up some time than never.

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