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    So Some time last year (I believe September?) I decided to give the standard 90-day no PMO challenge a go and take it seriously. I never really got that far to be honest. At best, I would feel a massive need to masturbate 15-20 days in, and after that I would end up saying to myself 'Fuck it - why not just go full PMO if I'm already failing?' and throw away my progress.

    I realised a few weeks ago that I was looking at the whole challenge in a very simplistic way. I don't know if you are all the same, but I think I have 3 problems I'm dealing with:

    1) I watch porn too much
    2) I fap too much
    3) Almost every time I fap, I use porn

    I think problem 3 has been way bigger for me than I expected when I first started.

    So, what have I been trying you may ask?

    Well I've actually started a 180 day challenge for myself. Haven't told anyone at all. For the first 90 days, not only will I allow myself to fap, I will encourage myself to. 3 times a week at least, but no more than once a day. I will allow myself to imagine whatever I need to to get off, but this should get less extreme as the days go on. But I will not allow myself to use any p-sub or anything like that. And no mega-binging. The goal here is for me to uncouple masturbation and orgasm from porn.

    The second 90 days will be a switch to hard mode. No masturbation at all. If I fail at this stage, the plan would be for me to fail without P, so I would go back to day 90 instead of Day 0.

    If anyone else on the forums is reading this and struggling with pulling together a streak of 25 or more days, and you feel like you have the same problems, maybe you should give it a go. I have no idea if this will work for me. I haven't done it for long enough to know, and I haven't seen anyone else on forums talk that much about easy mode because most people just scare you off by talking about chaser effect. As I'm writing this I'm on day 13, and I seem to be feeling the opposite most of the time, except for when I first wake up on some days.

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    Sounds like a good idea. Haven’t really heard of it this way before but I’m interested in your experiences with it. I’m currently on Day 6 of no pmo my first streak was 16 days but I decided to fap and then start New because I did some things wrong.
    Anyway I wish you good luck! :)

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