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  1. Thanks for the suggestions folks. I broadly agree with the sentiments expressed and that the naive like button leaves a lot to be desired.
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    I wonder if we might discuss cost briefly. Just looking at the donation page now it mentions low cost contractors and at the moment the site is losing money, but I would think a Gratitude button would be helpful in reminding people of the value of the forum even if it is indirectly. And if we can get some perspective on cost maybe people can take that into consideration..
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  3. Whatever happens if it changed or stays im still be me. Id rather adopt resourceful perspectives. Any suggestions
  4. That's clever spin.

    An another thing when i'm on a web application for anything and to confirm it prompts me to click the "submit" button. It makes me ragequit.
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    Sounds like you mean inner psychological work as opposed to outer changes to circumstances (in this case the software system of the forum) is that what you mean?

    I think it's a little more than just adopting a certain perspective. Sometimes it is compelling enough that upon first hearing of a perspective we'll just adopt it, but of course it takes a while usually. So there's the particular perspective and how to actually adopt it, the integrate it into our view and how we go about things.

    And you said resourceful.. I suppose that is not just a positive attitude and it gets to be a bit abstract because it wouldn't be fixed in a particular way. Ever look into lateral thinking?
  6. The simplest I can put it is, the ability to engage in healthy ways is as important as having healthy things to engage
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    So where's the challenge, sticking with it?
  8. The challenge is in ethics. Terrible choice of word. It's awareness for expectations, natural and distorted. Awareness for proper use and purpose. Awareness of risks.
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    Ok, we can talk more via pm if you like but for here I'll mention the point of doing right by yourself, not just others. I don't know if most people look at it that way..
  10. By resourceful perspective I really just mean a good attitude

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