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Beginning of my journey

Discussion in 'New to NoFap' started by legolas997, Dec 2, 2020.

  1. legolas997

    legolas997 Fapstronaut

    Hi. I've been struggling to quit porn and masturbation for couple of months now. I never realized that i could be addicted to porn. I started watching it since 7th grade, almost 10 years now. Eventually normal porn couldn't get me off so i started watching more extreme videos and that escalated to me watching gay porn. I know that i'm not gay, it's just that i've literally seen every type of str8 porn that i could find so i turned to gay porn. I thought that was normal because my friends were watching porn on daily basis too. This year i finally realized that porn and masturbation are the worse things ever. And i've been trying to quit it, but i keep relapsing after a week, sometimes 10-15 days. I'm not as heavy user as i was before i realized this but i want to quit it for good. So, if you can, please help me, motivate me to do so. I came here so i could finally share this with someone, so that i'm not alone in this. It's good to know that there are a lot of other people struggling with this, and i know that we'll beat this. Thank you.
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  2. locked boy nyc

    locked boy nyc Fapstronaut

    Hi Legolas997! I’m new here too, I’m 36 and have more than two decades of constant PMO to unlearn. I think it’s awesome that there’s a community to give support and remind each other what’s really important. Anyway, welcome!
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  3. Parasite

    Parasite Fapstronaut

    Hello and welcome! First of all, it's not your fault. The main culprit of your addiction is our deranged society which promotes porn and masturbation as something good and harmless. (masturbation itself is not a problem when you're doing it 2 times a week. The main problem of masturbation propaganda is the narrative that's being used which presents masturbating two times a day as something healthy which is not.) Anyway, I've been dealing with the same issue for the past year. A month ago when I entered this community I posted a thread where I wrote about my POM problems. Since then I can surely say it's been better than two months ago, even though past days were tough(just today I relapsed 4 times). It's been very hard for me, but what can I say I'm trying as much as can.
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