Being blackmailed just now

Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by Son of Midgaard, Nov 20, 2019.

  1. Son of Midgaard

    Son of Midgaard Fapstronaut

    So. I open my inbox and someone/somebody claimed to have access to my laptop unit and said he had kontroll over my operativesystem. He claimed he/they had been monitoring me for months. And my laptop is infested with trojan horse he said.

    So he/they claims to have a video of me doing M while watching P and that if not receive 665 euros in bitcoin by friday would send video to all my contacts and upload on "social Networks" (porn sites I suppose) I am on my smartphone now and he mailed my old university account not my gmail account strangely enough.

    So I am not a high-tech IT guy, what do you make of this and what would you recommend Me to do.
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  2. kropo82

    kropo82 Fapstronaut

    It's spam/fraud. They do not have such a video. Delete their message and move on.
  3. Alex1111

    Alex1111 Fapstronaut

    Never give money to such kind of people. You never know if he isn't anyway going to post that material.
    Just ignore him
  4. cleanliving81

    cleanliving81 Fapstronaut

    Thats a rather well known scam

    Ignore it and delete the inbox message of it its a realy lame scam
  5. Son of Midgaard

    Son of Midgaard Fapstronaut

    Well they spoke perfect tongue so obviously they took me by surprise.

    I heard from female friend on the phone she got an Almost identical mail; video of her, donate bitcoin, 48 hours etc

    It kinda dawned on me it can't be so true if they not even sent me any screenshots
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  6. MuscularSherlockHolmes

    MuscularSherlockHolmes Fapstronaut

    I have heard many people receiving such messages. Not a single one was carried through. However, it should be a wake up call for you. I mean, you wouldn't find a better reason to stop. lol
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  7. UnyieldingAntiHero

    UnyieldingAntiHero Fapstronaut

    Happened to me too. It works like this: Sometimes website servers are hacked and the hacker posts your password and email adress online. Often the hackers also sell the data on a the darkweb. Other scammers go through the endless lists of password + email and write a message to the email containing your password too in order to scare you and make it look more real.

    It isn't. It's just a scam that uses outdated stuff from old accounts on a server that has been hacked once.

    I will link a website below that can check whether your email adress or data connected below have been posted/shared on the internet. This works by simply inserting your old uni email adress and the website will search throughout on the whole WWW whether it has been shared on a spreadsheet.


    The email must also contain a bitcoin wallet number, where you are supposed to send the money.

    Please check that bitcoin wallet with
    you can see there whether others have been scammed by the same wallet-owner too and if none yet immediately report the scam with a simple click in order to freeze the scammers wallet.
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  8. Son of Midgaard

    Son of Midgaard Fapstronaut

    Why stop if no consequence would be yeldied out though. I already stopped.
  9. kropo82

    kropo82 Fapstronaut

    @UnyieldingAntiHero I love that site, you can set up an alert too so that they emial you if your email address shows up in a new breach
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  10. UnyieldingAntiHero

    UnyieldingAntiHero Fapstronaut

  11. Son of Midgaard

    Son of Midgaard Fapstronaut

    Thank u very much.

    My mail was not There though.

    Bitcoin had been reported as scam twice.
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  12. UnyieldingAntiHero

    UnyieldingAntiHero Fapstronaut

    Did you input the mail you received it with or your mail adress the scammer posted?
    (Even then it's not 100% fail-proof because there's databreaches all day, everywhere, and not all of them are reported or listed by security sites the engine uses)

    But as the wallet has been reported you can still be sure it's a scam. 100% sure there's been a databreach on your old uni's servers and your uni adress and login password were extracted by the hacker along with hundreds or thousands of other people's.
  13. Cool I Can Use Spaces

    Cool I Can Use Spaces Fapstronaut

    Ignore it!

    There was a post here months ago about this scam.

    For me they even had one of my old passwords from a porn site that I hadn’t used in years. I ignored the threatening email and over a year later am still alive and well, nothing happened.

    I mentioned this scam to an SAA brother and he had received the same threatening email with one of his old passwords.

    Somehow a scammer got a hold of a bunch of old passwords from sites and uses them to intimidate people.

    I’ve read that what happens is if a person responds and sends money the scammer will keep trying to get even more money, constantly using scare tactics.

    Delete the email and move on.
  14. Paraeinstein

    Paraeinstein Fapstronaut

    It's a scam. Don't pay a single penny.

    I had this same problem back in 2015, and I rebooted my computer and after that it was gone. You need to have had your important files backed up in an external hard drive or in a partition of your hard drive so that you will not lose your important documents.
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  15. Kellogsmove

    Kellogsmove Fapstronaut

    Give them no quarter. Even if you DID get pwned, paying them doesn't guarantee they won't release the info.

    But more than likely, no. No one hacked you. It's most likely a scam.
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  16. Toprawman

    Toprawman Fapstronaut

    Same thing happened to my dad awhile back.. It is a Scam!
  17. Jackb97

    Jackb97 Fapstronaut

    I always get them aha. they'd show you the video if they had it.

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