Being Misunderstood

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  1. Talked to two friends about addiction to porn recently and both have said that there is nothing wrong with looking at porn and that i maybe just need a girl that is into what I'm into. Really confused me and made stopping much harder because i feel like I have permission to watch it again. A lack of empathy and understanding from friends makes this whole situation so much more difficult!! Anyone had the same experience?
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    I have actually my one friend is like oh theres no problem. You have to realize that every persons ideas of what to do and what not to do are different. That same friend I know he drinks heavily to forget its weird when I drink though I drink lightly to enjoy the moment. We both have different operating systems. Im bold he's less so. But thats not whats important whats important is that you look at the evidence how you feel and ask yourself what is it that I want? Forget everyone else focus on you. Well good luck man.

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