Being more approachable ?

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Deleted Account, Jan 19, 2016.

  1. What should we change to be more approachable ?

    - I'll stop listening to music when I'm in public. Hurts, I love my music, but I want to be socially available.

    - Maybe exchange the headphones against a good book ? Wouldn't a book be a great conversation starter when somebody would think about approaching me ?

    - Body language. Head up. Straight back. Shoulders back. Overall open body language.

    - Smiling. I'm so fucking happy and so confident, so why not show it to the world.(Don't overdo it tho'. You're not "The Joker" after all)

    What would/have you changed about your behaviour in public situations ?
  2. nomo

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    Your points are all great, your on your way to being more approachable. However, I hope you know that you have to make the first move. You have to approach them. Have something complementary or interesting to say to them and then be able to follow up your opening statement with more interesting conversation.
    Good luck, it's not easy but it gets easier with practice.
  3. Piet_Krediet

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    Best way to be more approachable is to start approaching people yourself. Start with smalltalk about the weather, work, study, the venue whatever and don't be resultoriented.
  4. powerd992

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    I agree with smiling. Also Laughing with friends or people, even by myself sometimes.
    But now I'm detaching from thinking, don't believe in it apart for studying... I know it is a dreadful disease, thinking, and worrying over not having a girlfriend, or what should I do with my life etc...
    I even started writing songs and playing a bit of guitar, simply writing sentences as fast as they pop up in my head, without thinking "is this going well?".
    If you approach because you feel like it, it is better to touch her and not say a word if that's what you feel like doing, than thinking about an opener, let me tell you..

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