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Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by modern milarepa, Jul 5, 2021.

  1. Melkhiresa

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    This statement is false.
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  2. BugsBunny555

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    fighting the urge to say

    "This statement is true."
  3. En?gma

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    Gnostic gospels said that the truth come as immages and symbol, Memes confirm it.
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  4. BugsBunny555

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    Carl Jung.
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  5. AtomicTango

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    Every epic heckin memerino I post brings me closer to enlightenment. My third eye is almost open.
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  6. En?gma

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    Please not that joker born in my same country....L O L.
  7. En?gma

    En?gma Fapstronaut

    No that is Belzebu ready to control your consciousness.
  8. BugsBunny555

    BugsBunny555 Fapstronaut

    Fuck no. Lol.
  9. SickSicko

    SickSicko Fapstronaut

    aaand I took that personally...

    What can I say, sarcasm is an important aspect of myself, both irl and online, but online I may admit it gets too out of hand sometimes, as whenever I am overly sarcastic is for my own amusement, and that I choose to behave in a sarcastic way much more often than I do irl.
    I rarely enjoy the pleasure of a deep meaningful conversation, be it irl, or even more rarely, online, so specially online, unless someone actually opens to that chance, I see no purpose on portraying myself in a serious manner whatsoever.

    I find this relatable.

    I love creating different personas, is as fun as it can get.

    I fundamentally disagree, but I can see your point, because even when I don't think it is by default, it can surely escalate into some very unhealthy mental states.

    I mean, I thrive on dark humor, is literally one of the few kinds of humor that actually makes me laugh.
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  10. MLMVSS

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    Dude yeah. We had literal incel posts that were way more sexist than anything here today too, and those would get 10 pages of replies in a couple hours. Politics. Conspiracy theories. All the like. Sometimes the sadistic side of me misses those days.
  11. ndaty

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  12. EpsilonDelta

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    Interesting discussions. I don't know how it is here on the forum but IRL I personally think that sarcasm in healthy doses can be nice, fun and also an attractive trait in both girls and guys.

    Of course, as with anything related to humour, it needs to be at the right time and at the right place. Some examples of good sarcasm are given by the character Chandler in the show Friends:

    The character Chandler captures both the bad side and the good side of sarcasm for me. On the one hand, he shows that sarcasm can be funny in certain situations if well-timed, but he is also an example where the use of sarcasm resembles some kind of "mental illness" as OP speaks about, in the sense that he is using it as a kind of defence mechanism.

    I've also been working on a small theory in my mind that the best sarcasm comes from the ones who are otherwise the most authentic and congruent people in their lives. So sarcasm is more appealing of you're otherwise a serious and honest person, true to your principles and values in life. But I have to think more about that...

    I also think there is a difference between satire and sarcasm, but this thread is really about both phenomena :)
  13. AtomicTango

    AtomicTango Fapstronaut

    I think without those kinds of posts, the site loses a lot of its charm. Religious/political/any kind of provocative threads are either nuked or locked in a place 95% of users wont see them. Threads that are silly but otherwise harmless get lost in the crossfire too. It just leaves behind boring "What is your favourite X" threads and the same topics being repeated over and over (yes I am aware I am a hypocrite saying that because I complain about the same things over and over.)
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  14. NothingMoreNothingLess

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    I recall you and a group of female members back in 2019 called me a sexist incel (even one of them going as far, making 2 threads about it) for merely saying males and females cannot be friends due to the sexual tension hardwired in our brains. Those were the days. However, the days of buzzwords such as “incels” are still common, so you’re not missing out.
  15. BugsBunny555

    BugsBunny555 Fapstronaut

    People still say incel. Lol.

    Isn't there like a new linguistic weapon now?
  16. AtomicTango

    AtomicTango Fapstronaut

    Only an incel would complain about the overuse of incel, you incel.
  17. BugsBunny555

    BugsBunny555 Fapstronaut

    I've been exposed :(
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  18. AtomicTango

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    I was reading a thread on 4chan (that's right, I'm on a watchlist) where someone unironically said Tyrion Lannister was an incel. You know this shit has gone too far.
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  19. BugsBunny555

    BugsBunny555 Fapstronaut

    Tyrion Lannister may be many things, but he is not an incel XD
  20. palindromo

    palindromo Fapstronaut

    Being satirical is an efficient weapon to stop stupid threads on Off topic, threads that could deflect someone's mentality
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