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    Hi guys, I wonder any of you are the "good kid" in your childhood, that you always listen to your parents, do good in school (especially in primary), and not naughty at all. Personally, I believe the "good kid" personality is actually a "curse", not a "bless". We follow instructions from others, and always try to act obedient and as a "good kid". Sometimes we hide our feelings (maybe most of the time), and when it comes to porn, we are the most vulnerable type of person.

    There is no instruction for how to quit porn (step by step), and parents wouldn't prove much help (unless you ask for help, but most people are shy). I believe if I tell my parents about my addiction, they would surely be devastated, that I had done such thing in my life.
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    Interesting question.

    But if you must know I was the bad kid. Not a bully though. Maybe a couple times but I got my fair share of it too.

    The worst of 'em type.
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    I was a "good kid" when I was young and being just a kid there were some downsides that I didn't know how to handle, but I don't think back and wish I was different. Honestly I like who I was as a kid, which isn't something everyone can say. It was, well it was a few things, but porn coming into my life was a big part of what really messed things up in my life, not because I was nice probably to a fault. I also don't think being a good kid made me any more susceptible to porn than anyone else, I think its equally addicting to everyone in the right situation.
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    Buddy, I don't think being a good or a bad kid has anything to do with porn or Nofap. I mean do medicines work differently for good kids vs bad? do good kids experience gravity and bad kids don't? not at all! It's irrelevant.

    You hiding your feelings and finding a solace in porn is just another trick of your brain to be hooked up to Porn. Your brain wants to give you a reason to give it dopamine candy. Wake up! if you want to quit porn, you have to do it yourself, you don't need help. There is plenty of support here.

    If you want to get step by step instructions to quit porn, here they are - Delete your browser history, delete your porn collection, burn your dirty magazines, install porn blockers, pick up a new habit and take one day at a time, don't overthink it. Don't see porn, don't edge, don't masturbate. Here you go. Do this everyday without fail and you will be fine.
    Sorry for being a little direct here, but you crying about your habit will not help you.
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    @The Real JokeErr
    I'm just using this as an example. I believe it is harder for the "good kid" personality to quit PMO than "bad kids"

    I'm referring to this:
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  6. I been a good kid aka nice guy my entire life and it made me be miserable.

    Read the book Not Nice by Dr. Aziz. Your world is going to be flipped upside down (or more accurately downside up).

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