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    After about 4,5 years of being on the NoFap path I have had some recurring positive effects that are very worth mentioning. This can apply to either a long streak or a short one.

    As you sure have heard many times before, it is important to be occupied with another activity for enough time, in order for the urges to have less room. Whether is is a physical activity like a sport or anything where it’s mostly mentally. Or just having a job.

    Anyway, this surely can’t always be enough to redirect the sexual focus, or flow of energy. What I have encountered that often goes together with those activities, completely cuts off the flow of new urges for a fair amount of time.

    You have to make sure that you’re occupied enough with one or more activities, such there isn’t much free time on the day. When it is the case that you have a full time job it makes sense that that will shape much of your focus and energy in a non-PMO way. There are still gaps of course when you’re not occupied with it, but after is has started for about at least a week you have that new routine in mind and are used to have a regular focus on the better subjects instead of the sexual.

    When you already have an urge and especially when you act up on it, it is very difficult to get out of it. That’s why it always seems so difficult to remain doing the abstinence. But remember at those times that one of the keys is not to let it have started, and that gets way easier with that new routine. Its very logical that if you’re very focussed on something else, there can’t be at the same time an urge or masturbation-session.

    A bonus can occur with those activities, as I like to call it. Sometimes, an impactful situation can occur. Whether it is something fortunate or unfortunate, but it will keep you bothered about it for a while. Expressed emotionally or by constantly rethinking about it what you’re going to do or say next or what you could have done or have said differently.

    Anyway those situations will shut down the urges even more completely and you can try to see if there are opportunities to create one.
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