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  1. I was 8 years old that I got addicted to masturbation, and it was because of a sexy girl picture that I had with my self, so after that I was master-bating every two to five days in the bathroom.Even I was in a lust with my own blood sister, but my family caught me in their and I find my self so guilty, ashamed, embarrassed and now when I am writing this thread, I feel if that moment was not in my life, because I hated myself for next years, even now I feel down about it, however I give back to her and my family forgave me, but still the pain is my heart is not gone because I was stupid kid, god knows how life was for me on that time, so I think he forgave me too. After a while when I quit at age 17 I was ejaculating every five to six nights when I was sleeping, I was inactive through out my high school, then I started pornography which made my life worst than ever, later my family caught me again, embarrassed, filthy and guilty which made me to find a way to fix my problem, and I tried lots of thing but they did not work. So the only thing helped me is Nofap and I love this web.
    thanks wasting time with my thread.
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    There is a hope man. We are born with sexual lust and it's normal but it becomes not normal when you let your lust control your life. Welcome to nofap brother. Nofap is not easy but it will literate you from sexual slavery.

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