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    So i started back up around Thanksgiving 2020. Im sure im approaching 30 days soon. The longest streak i had was 20-ish days. The benefits: 1. Increased Confidence 2. Better Eye Contact 3. Testosterone is higher 4. Interaction is more positive with other strangers. 5. Stronger attraction to people (able to get hard when im looking at a pretty person) 6. Presence in the room is stronger.

    Benefit Explanations : 1. My walk and strut is stronger, definitely more resistant to peoples BS and bad energys.. Like my aurora or protective shield got stronger somewhat. I still feel vulnerable of course. Hopefully after 90 days that goes away. But Im able to take things in better. I feel like rude people and bad situations dont affect me as much right now. Like if i got arrested and put in jail right now i feel like i wouldnt be as afraid as i would be if i was pmo'ing.
    2. Im able to hold better eye contact with people. My gaze is stronger. More focused. Less shifty and wandery if thats a word.
    3. I workout everyday and since i havent O'd for almost 30 days, my testosterone been building up. I feel it in my muscles. Feel more pumped, jacked. Like i have a reservoir of energy sitting inside of me. Feel good.
    4. Most strangers smile and react better towards me compared to when im on pmo.
    5. Women are more attractive and seem more willing and open when im around them. I feel lile they can sense my built up energy. 6. When i hit the room people seem to know im there without staring at me. I feel like i hit the air stronger.
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    Congrats bro! Glad to hear you're doing good! We are on our way to much better, happier, more fulfilling lives.
    FUCK PMO. It doesn't define us. It can't control us. It has no power over us.

    Keep up the good work and positive attitude my guy
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    Thanks my guy! Yeah F pmo forreal! Most of us start at a young age and it becomes a self destructive habit that society deems "harmless or beneficial" and that may be the case for a small percentage of ppl but not for most. Its really a wolf in sheep's clothing, a silent killer for people like me anyway. Just gotta keep telling ourselves. "No risk, no reward."

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