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    Hello! Has anyone in this group had any experience with Celebrate Recovery or Sex Addicts Anonymous and found their formats beneficial? I discussed with my therapist the benefits of in-person recovery groups, but they all meet in churches and they're all dotted with spiritual overtones. I hesitate to go to them because I don't want to be preached to. I'm wondering if anyone has been through the experience and treated it "like a buffet" (i.e. taking what works and leaving what doesn't). What were your thoughts on it? Were you pressured to accept Jesus, or did they only ever discuss Bible verses? I'm interested in possibly joining with a group, but not sure what to expect. Thanks in advance!
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    I am asking the same question. Did you get your answer?
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    I went to Sex Addicts Anonymous for a while, and it seemed to help, but the twelve steps have five that mention God. 12-step groups are all based on religion, whether the members admit it or not, as surely you realize and I gather that that is why you are inquiring about them before you go. I say, Don't go.

    I recommend Secular Organizations for Sobriety (SOS), AKA Save OurSelves; and SMART Self-Management And Recovery Training (

    SOS is an umbrella organization and has meetings in many cities and other places around the world. It is for addiction and compulsion recovery, and is meant to coexist with other recovery programs so that you do both at the same time.

    SMART is a specific recovery program with four main points, no steps, but many tools to recover. Please check out their website, and see whether they meet in your town. I highly recommend them!

    Good luck, and may you be well and happy!
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    I went to SAA for about a month and I just couldn't get past the religious undertones from it. They say it's not religious, but it's more like it is and they don't want to admit it. Though I commend them for trying to be inclusive, I just have super strong objections to dogma.

    Thanks for the recommendation, I think I heard of this a while back and will have to check it out.

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