Benefits of NoFap - take it from someone who hasn't gone further than 10 days

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    Hi everyone, it's been a while since I've been on the forums but my NoFap battle has still been going. My personal record, ever since starting NoFap, was 10 days which I believe is a good start as that number is a double digit but I believe I can do better. Usually, people who give advice on the forums are masters of NoFap who have been PMO-free for months, maybe even years. I hope that by making this post it will inspire some of you to keep on going, just like I'm trying to do. However, this doesn't mean you shouldn't take this post with a grain of salt - everything I'm writing is purely based on my experience after 10 days of NoFap.

    1. More Confidence with Women
    When I had just started PMO'ing, I had no interest in women. Shortly after, however, one of the most beautiful girls I had ever laid my eyes upon moved to the school I go to. However, I had no self-confidence and whenever I was around her I would never make myself visible to her or try to get her attention. Instead, I spent most of my time looking at her and thinking "she's too good for me". I don't know if it was NoFap or she had just started noticing me, but after around day 3 of NoFap she started talking to me.After almost 4 years of me silently liking this girl without actually trying to win her over, we had dinner together just last night. I can say that NoFap definitely helps with your self-confidence because I know for a fact that if I had PMO'd the night before we went out together I wouldn't have been half as sociable and active as I actually was. Take it from me, NoFap works magic with your brain and how often it releases dopamine.

    2. More Energy to Pursue Better Things
    As a student, PMO is very dangerous to me. I remember spending two hours PMO'ing instead of working on an important assignment - which I failed on. Not only does NoFap save that sweet, sweet time for you, not PMO'ing actually gives you more energy to work on better things. I don't exactly know the science behind it - I'm guessing it has something to do with how your body has to use up energy to ready yourself for the next PMO. When I wasn't PMO'ing, I was studying hard and even doing a little workout every now and then. TL;DR: PMO wastes your time and makes you more tired than you have to be.

    3. It's a Snowball Effect
    When I'm really doing on a NoFap streak, I feel like things just keep getting better. The more you distance yourself from PMO material, the better you feel in general. This, in turn, will want to make you stay off of that stuff in the first place. However, this does also go with the saying: The bigger they are, the harder they fall". When I lost my 10 day streak, I had gone deeper into PMO than I ever had before. It does take time for you to recuperate after a relapse, but just know that you'll do even better next time around.

    NoFap, I believe, does not bring many tangible or physical benefits. I believe it provides more of a mental and emotional benefit - a huge one, at that. My confidence is the best it's been and I'm working way more productively than usual and I'm guessing this is partly due to NoFap. Who knows, maybe I'm just writing this out of pure excitement of having dinner with that girl I wrote about talking about the confidence benefit. And who knows, maybe you'll be able to get that girl you've had on your mind for a while now. You're probably thinking "no, I'll never be able to impress her" and trust me - like seriously trust me - I was and probably still am like you. When I read things that were supposed to motivate me when it came to confidence with women, I always thought that it wasn't aimed at me and that my hopes were slim to none. Please, please trust me when I tell you that there is a chance and there's always room to get better. Hope you've enjoyed reading this, if you want to talk about anything NoFap related, feel free to DM me. Stay strong!
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    Thanks for sharing this . . .
    Appreciate it ! :emoji_pray:
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    No problem dude, I'm glad you found it helpful! Good luck and stay strong!

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