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    I just came across an Indian script, talking about how the semen goes back into the blood if not released, and how the absorption is taken to the brain. THIS in turn results in
    1. Memory retention
    2. More vitality
    3. Sexual energy to spiritual energy
    4. Keen to observation
    5. Mental strength or will power
    6. Conservation of energy
    7. Peace of mind
    8. Rebuild cell and tissue
    9. Magnetic aura
    10. Self realization etc.
    Overall his point is seminal fluid retention does a whole lot than the human mind can comprehend, don't fap for 3 min pleasure, it ain't worth the fact that it takes about 40 drops of blood to make one seminal fluid. It is a vital jewel. Use it well.
  2. Yes, I have been studying this wisdom lately. First off, let's not call it indian. It's older than modern day india. India...can have a funny outlook to the rest of the world, nowadays :) saying that as a non-Indian myself.

    In yogic science this practice is Brahmacharya. Brahmacharya is perfect and absolute celibacy in action (body), emotions and mind. They teach from the best parts of food, chyle is made. Then from the best chyle blood cells is made....and so a cycle goes, towards the end you have bone, then from the best bone, the body makes bone marrow and from the best bone marrow the body makes semen. Semen being the 7th instance in the cycle. Well, even if modern science hasn't found this cycle with their current expertise, it common sense to me. Everything in the body is made of the food we eat! And clearly semen is like the seed of a fruit because it is sooo dense in minerals and vitamins (basically life supporting|essential elements) and is given as a type of starter pack to offspring to start their life.

    They say semen is in a subtle form in all the cells of the body. Boosting them, maturing and making them strong. Essentially take all the minerals&vitamins&good enzymes, etc. from a cell and the cell is not a cell anymore. Similarly, a man is not a man without his semen!. They teach semen is not exactly sexual fluid. But rather it semen has a life supporting part and a grosser sex reproductive part. That grosser sex reproductive part is formed in the testes (in males) when the body, heart and/or body are directed to sex.
    Once semen has been taken out of its subtle form, made gross and put into the bloodstream, it cannot easily go back. In fact some processes cannot be reversed. But most of the resources of the semen, the body can re-absorb. It starts to re-absorb 3-4 months into monkmode nofap journey.

    So basically semen in the subtle form it boosts the cells, brain, everything. In the grosser form it is useless. The essentials of the grosser semen can be absorbed back after 3-4 months, but until then it will not boost the body and mind. It is simply in the testes.

    Also, semen is not only reproductive fluid. But it's main job is to support life and help it flourish. The body itself, strenghening what is. The body isn't that obssessed with reproduction as lustful men are...So this explains how, over years (not mere weeks or months) of nofap hardmode the whole body can be strengthened. Bones made strong, hair restored, memory like a child, etc.

    They also teach, from semen something else can be made, called ojas. This ojas does not happen naturally like all the processes from food to semen. Ojas happens in the Brahmachary (nofap monkmode), when he is healthy and semen is plenty as well as mind and emotions do not stress the sexual glands and activities to produce sexual fluid. So that the semen can be transformed into ojas. Think of semen as honey and ojas as the royal jelly that the queen bee is fed with (the only difference between a normal bee and the queen bee is the normal bee larvae are fed royal jelly for a couple days of their lives, or so, while the queen is only fed with royal jelly).
    One in whom the semen flows upwards is called an Oordhvareta. An oordhvareta checks the very formation of gross semen so that it does not form and all the semen is maximally used by the body.
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    Impressive. Thanks for the insight, I'll read more about bramacharya. The newborn "starterpack" got me laughing
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    I guess it's monk mode then. Let's see how it pan out
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  5. Yep, monkmode is the real deal and many have reported this over the nofap forums. But it must be done right. Nocturnal emissions and blue balls are a result of forced celibacy, not Brahmacharya. There is desire in the mind. People think the mind is small and only accustoms a couple thoughts, but it hold thousands of thoughts. Normal people are numb to most of the deeper layers of thoughts that consume energy 24/7. So on those semi-conscious levels of mind, lustful thoughts can linger and they still influence the chemistry of the body. This stuff almost cannot be done without deep meditation, after a few years.

    For some it may seem like completly stopping the feeding of fantesies and subtle impressions is some Jedi master level thing. It is not. It requires seriousness and discipline, and like anythig else, it can be done.
  6. T
    Thanks for the share and yes even western medicine has proven this that the sperm gets reabsorbed after 72 days of abstinence. But a lot of benefits come within the 72 days itself so keep at it, this is for your own health and vitality, don't set stupid goals of being better at sex because that will end up making you relapse, real sex will happen by itself don't be desperate for it, as this helps in revitalizing the entire body,mind and soul.
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    I presumed most of your contents are quoted from Swami Sivananda, concerning that which is near to impossible for us average man, the brahmachariya in thoughts & deeds. It is good enough for men to practice semen retention via yogic practices than to be absolute brahmachari like Sivananda, Yogananda and the likes..
    In the Udraveta yogi, there's not even the formation of gross semen, and that is already the master level, being an ascetic and becoming legendary warrior like Bhishma.
    That is to be honest not applicable to us despite our will, we are weak in flesh. Open the smartphones, walk down the street, and sexy chicks are everywhere.
    Liberation from sexual desire is the ultimate pathway to enlightenment, just goes to show how innate it is and how subconscious it is within us human.

    To be practical, even the re-absorption of gross semen (which already means conversation of sexual energy) is already marvelous enough for our spiritual & material success.

    In fact, being a brahmachari is not aligned with the tantra or sexual yoga, which is another quicker path to enlightenment since they are strictly celibate.

    Simply, many roads leads to Rome, and Jesus stated marvelously, Let the one who is able to receive this receive it.

    Not everyone can be an eunuch (esoterically meaning being a celibate).

    To exert brahmachari level on us, despite how willing we are to commit to nofap is in fact more of a hindrance for one not spiritually inclined (being a householder, or us living in a modern society).

    To not expel our semen, despite it being gross, is already a marvelous practice by itself, by conserving the matured seed (Jesus in Bethelhem/Virgo) and the milk & honey (gold+white secretions from the pituary gland), and them flowing back to the body.

    One may give up nofap all together trying to perform monkmode because it's sacrifice & expectations is simply too high (how Gandhi furious upon having a nocturnal dream).
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  9. Bro, I have a few things to say about this..

    Urdva retas is simply a state where the body fully makes use of digestion on a physical and energetic level. I know a guy, married and non brahmachary he entered nirvikalpa samadhi where your organs stopped and hes been urdvareta since. The body still produces gross semen and reabsorb around every 3 weeks in him and energy goes to brain in a very powerful current.

    It wont make you a warrior a god or a minecraft hacker. You are human like everyone else and its simply something that happens like being able to flex your chest after sleeping in the gym for a while.

    Assining words like master level, ascetic or warrior is mental masturbation.
    Really? Have you tried?
    No. Study suttras, don't make them up.
    Its nothing that deep. Just a little more than fear and anger. You willingly subdue those passions of the mind but not lust? Everyone who smokes and drinks more than me smokes and drinks too much...
    Brahmacharya is the highest form of tantra.
    Stop at once with this tone. Nothing in this world is achieved by whinning.

    If you can go from 5 times a day for 3 years to once a week or a month you can do full brahmacharya. Im a little tired mentally now so am just being direct with you. You're bullshitting hardcore by making those mental contructs for yourself.

    Nothing in this world is done by whinning.
    Nonsense. Gandhi slept with naked women mext to him. He never tried. H€ onl¥ tri€d for $$$ and fame.
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    What I've said is from the experienced Yogis and not myself, the likes of Sivananda.
    If months of nofap can produce notable powers in an average us, what more to an ascetic and pure brahmacharis like Sivananda, for 12 years, being able to develop photographic memory.
    So the legend of Bhishma is not far-fetched with nofap and intense meditation.
    Tibetan is abounding in monks doing the supernatural. Even an urban person like Wim Hof could withstood hours in -20deg Celcius, so ..

    William Atkinson has written on this subject as do his various other contemporaries, so I'm not speaking out of ignorance. Semen is only formed when required and in aroused state, as do tears and breastmilk.

    What works for you do not apply equally to others. Dont u get my point, I'm addressing the majority of men. Each of us have different karmas, attachments and inclinations from past incarnations. Some have far more talents in certain areas, some have tempestous personality, and some in this case struggle more with sexual desire.

    There is enough stories of how fallen yogis, which has been "pure" for their entire life, just to fall spiritually, into sexual temptation and materialism in the US. and those are people who are fulltime yogis; what more us, the urbanites.

    Depends on what you mean by brahmachariya, tantra is otherwise not same. There are the white, grey & black path, and strict brahmachariya do not even engaged in sex at all.

    I need not mind on your directness, or impolite per se. How you did to others has no bearing to their reactions, especially us who embark on a spiritual journey.

    Whining ? No, just objective statement. You sounded like one who just got into this path and being overly enthusiastic and "resolute" about it, because you have yet to reach a time when you "fall".

    It is not my concern if you choose to shit on Gandhi.
    The fact is, what he achieved is astounding and couldnt be done without the power of brahmachariya. Napoleon Hill hinted that already.
  11. Yes, "semen retention" is powerful. You said it's really hard or even suggested impossible for most people. That is wrong.

    That is why we're spreading this stuff to everyones face.

    A little education and a little inspiration mustered and everyone can do it.
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    India is funny? Really?
  13. Hehehe, lol, boooolywood
    What are you talking about?

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