Benefits, succes and changes. A story about a psychedelic journey right into the heart of life.

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    Here I am laying down in a couch, wandering between the realms of consciousness shattered around in hyperspace by some crazy substance. It’s clear to me now, I can feel it in my entire body and soul, as if I needed this blast out of the canon again to tell me it’s over. It’s been a long fight, a though one too, but I can proudly say that after 295 days I knocked down the devil himself. From now on I will never watch P again.

    The struggle

    The specific moment I stumbled across NoFap was when I couldn’t get it up with a girl. Before that I didn’t know P had an impact on my life, like many people today still don’t. From thereon I tried to go without P, it really was hell on earth. It felt like I was coming off cigarettes again but worse. This all happened in the spring of 2017. I would go 2 or 3 days without and then binge for a long period.

    During the summertime I kept on trying, Sometimes I could take it to 7 days before jerking of to P again, and hating myself for it. Most of the time I just full on fapped my days away, felt miserable smoked a lot of weed to cope with it, and worked nightshifts to earn my money. It was an all-male job, the thing that I hated most about the addiction in regards to work was that I could not look men in the eye, like there was some kind of fear holding me back. During this period I also started picking up meditation, which helped me cope with the terrible feeling P gives you a little bit. However I didn’t really follow through, which I still regret to this day. I think I could have shortened the battle a lot.

    When autumn came around I quit my night job and got a job as a delivery man. During that time nothing really changed, I just felt like I was as stuck as I was all my life. I would go some days without P to fap and binge the other days. One of the things that really made the urges strong were hangovers. For me weed never made me feel really horny, alcohol on the other hand did it for me, especially the hangovers. During this period in time I felt like I was getting a slightly better grasp on the addiction, looking back I think this was really the moment the initial shift happened. During one of my trips on psilocybin I came to the realization I had a problem and the only one that could get rid of it was me. I always been a big psychedelics guy, and I still am to this day. I even would say that psychedelics helped me kick this terrible addiction. However how clear the message of the mushroom was I still went on the same way I did before. Only difference I felt was that I would make it more easily towards 7 to 10 days, I always went back to P after though.

    Christmastime came around and I can honestly say this was my all-time low. Got fired from my job, drank a lot, smoked a lot and fapped all of the time, the only time I didn’t fap was when I was eating with the family. So to summarize: A pretty shitty Christmas. After the Christmas-horror new year came around. I decided to quit for good, from now on P would be a thing of the past. This didn’t lasted that long, maybe a couple days or a week I can’t even remember. The thing was, nothing changed and I just went on like my old self.

    This went on for a couple of months where I would tell myself to stop, did so for a couple of days and fell back in old patterns again until the second of April 2018. This was the first time in my life I took LSD. I’m not telling anybody to take LSD, especially without acquiring proper knowledge about psychedelic drugs and their effects. They can be very dangerous if used irresponsible. For me I always had a huge interest in them, and therefore took the LSD when I had the possibility to do so. Peeking on LSD was like a whole different thing I ever experienced on other substances. I felt such unity with everything and everybody it is impossible to describe. One thing that happened in regards to P during my trip I came across a closet with a lock on it while tripping balls. Besides the psychedelic effects that were around the closet, I became very interested in the lock itself. Then, at that specific moment in time it hit me, That lock was my addiction, it was locking up my full potential in this world. It all of a sudden was so clear to me, like the real me was locked up in a closet waiting to get out. I was restricting myself so much with this addiction it was ridiculous. From that moment on till this day I have never watch P or masturbated again.

    I’m not going to give you guys a day to day timeline of all the withdrawal symptoms and superpowers simply because I can’t precisely remember when everything happened. What I’m going to do is give you guys an overview of all the benefits I came across and the things I changed or started doing that really made a difference.


    · I can make eye contact with everyone, thugs or beautiful woman, I won’t flinch.

    · Social anxiety is gone.

    · Having sex with women is just amazing, it’s so much better then P

    · Relationship with parents and friends improved a lot.

    · Feeling calm and collected.

    · Need less sleep.

    · My eyes look way more sharp and alive.

    · Deeper voice.

    · Woman are attracted to me more, or at least I can feel their energy

    · Gained interest in a lot of different things.

    · Having fun interacting with strangers.

    · Spiritual growth.

    · Better appreciation of nature.

    · Not getting annoyed with little things anymore.

    · No more feelings of being depressed or anxious.

    · Generally not giving a fuck about any awkward situation I get myself into.

    · More confidence.

    Things that made a difference:

    Quitting social media

    For me this was one of the big triggers, social media often led me to masturbate to P. It took a while before I could see that social media was like a gateway to P for me. At around 50 days in I edged to some girls pictures on Facebook, and it made me realize I should get rid of it entirely If I wanted to succeed. Also guys if you edge don’t beat yourself up for it. Addiction isn’t a straight line. It’s ups and downs just make sure you recover from your downs as soon as possible, and take action to prevent it from happening. Be honest with yourself.

    Cutting down alcohol

    Hangovers make my urges skyrocket, therefore it was clear from the beginning I needed to cut down on alcohol, which I did. It wasn’t really a problem for me since I didn’t drink that much anyway but still It was necessary. Nowadays I might drink a few drinks, I don’t binge anymore, I’m in control.


    I didn’t seriously started meditation until a lot of days in, which I regret because it’s so helpful. It calms your mind, and we can all see how a calm mind helps when your fighting yourself not to fap, don’t we

    Cold Showers

    When I stopped smoking cigarettes I picked up cold showers, so it’s a thing I already did when I was fapping. Cold showers are really helpful, they get you out of your comfort zone, and that’s the place you want to be, especially in the beginning of your journey. Also they help a lot if you experience blue balls.

    Working out/Sports

    I would probably still be an addict if it wasn’t for working out. Sports in general lift you out of your foggy P depraved mind, trust me this is a must, at least it was for me. Especially in the beginning it is important to be doing something which shut’s up your mind, sports in my opinion is the easiest way.

    Intermittent Fasting

    Psilocybin made me pick up fasting. After the trip I just started doing it, don’t regret it ever since. Look at our ancestors they could go without food for days, we just don’t need to be stuffing our faces with food all day. Try it, I find that in a fasted state urges are almost nonexistent.


    Nowadays I read a lot, started this during the end of the battle so I can’t really say it helped me that much personally. What I can say is that acquiring new knowledge is essential to success. As Socrates stated: ‘The secret of change is to focus all your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new’.


    P abused my sexuality for so long it was time to find healthy ways to deal with it. Nowadays if I see a cute girl I go up and talk to her to see what happens. I feel much more at ease interacting with woman in general and trust me they love the confidence when you just approach them. Also be prepared to get rejected, especially in the beginning, it’s all part of the beautiful game


    From my couch to yours, while I’m slowly getting back to ordinary reality and this crazy substance is losing its hold on me. The reason of me writing this all down for you guys is that I hope I helped you in some way. Fuck, if I can only reach one of you it’s worth the effort. Trust me I’ve been where you are right now. Make the change, life is beautiful. Let’s take a motivational quote to wind it all up, from one of the greatest minds that ever walked this planet:

    The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it and join the dance – Alan Watts
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    Wonderful story brother. I am sure you will reach tons of folks with it:)
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    Truly, your story is incredible. I can totally relate to PMO being a lock on life. And rebooting feels like the key to that lock.

    Man, I love that quote from Socrates. If you don't mind I'm going to put that in my signature. It's just so inspiring.

    Thank you so much for sharing.
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    Thanks guys, means a lot it helped you all in some way ;) Just want to say keep up the good work, it's def. worth it.

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