Best Books on Women?

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    What are the best books on women for virgins?

    I've read the rational male but that was about understanding female nature. What are some books that have helped you become more attractive and have more success with women?
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    The best way. You can endlessly read, listen, watch. Experience is your best teacher.

    However this doesn't answer his original question. I bought Mark Manson's 'Models'. I noticed I'm not much of a reader at all so I didn't even get half way. I prefer to put myself in a situation and gain experience by trying even if a little bit.

    Books and such can help you give some good insight, it's like learning for small exams. Of course, just like in real life you'll never know what kind of situation you'll be confronted with no matter how much you studied.

    And my own experience is that all this self-help material is relative. You'll never know if you're doing it right. She could just have been in a bad mood, maybe she only likes bald tattooed guys. And just the same when you thought you screwed up you notice she gives you that look or she might even be all over you.

    Attraction can't be measured. You'll always be winging it but ofcourse knowledge and experience can make you more confident and build succes.
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    Maybe you should talk to women and figure it out yourself rather than trying to find a book to compensate your lack of social skills. Some things can't be properly learned from books.
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    I was also going to say go meet some girls, but I mean guys the OP is asking a fair question.
  7. Honestly loving yourself and being confident in yourself goes farther then anything, take more steps also to improve yourself, exercise, eat healthy, do things you love not hate, before anyone can love you, you must love yourself.
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    How about classic novels written by women: Pride & Prejudice, Emma, Middlemarch, Jane Eyre, ...
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    I read the book Sperm Wars by Robin Baker a while back, which is not only about women but about men as well, and human sexuality in general. Pretty controversial book though, and I don't know if it will help you loose your virginity. But it does a good job explaining the "lover vs. provider" double standard, amongst other things about female sexuality. It definitely helped me a little when I was out doing "game", as the kids call it, a few years ago.

    I would say reading anything that helps you understand human nature and/or improving your own life is beneficial for when you meet women. Books are a good complement to taking action. Of course, if you don't take action then all books in the world are completely useless, but that you already know.

    EDIT: Btw, I don't know if you're eager to loose your virginity or not but don't feel stressed about it. I was a quite stressed about it and lost it in a pretty desperate way, which in hindsight might have messed me up a little. You're only 18, so you will have much time to work on yourself and your social skills and eventually meet a nice girl.
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    The biggest problem with Red Pill stuff is that if you don't actually implement what you've learned or do the work on yourself, nothing is going to happen for you and nothing will change. It's pretty much changed my life for the better. When I was younger I was an Autist that bought into the Disneyland bullshit because I didn't know any better. The Red Pill stuff has really changed the game. This doesn't mean it's all about women and sex. On the contrary, women should be a lower priority for you if you're really Red Pilled. Your own life and other things need to be a much higher priority and kill your former simp self. It really is getting unplugged from the Matrix.
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    Was just thinking - Read The Moral Animal by Robert Wright. Delves deep into the psychology of womxn (this is the politically correct term). Whether you believe in creation or evolution, it's a non-biased view on how each sex seeks partners.
  13. Personally I'd probably read a book written by the particular woman I'm interested in. If she's interesting enough, even if she self published something it should give me enough of a window into her mind and besides, if you say "I read your book" you know that's an opening unlike any other right? Of course, this is assuming it isn't something like a technical manual.
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    1) The Rational Male by Rollo Tomassi. Every guy should read this book at least 5 times. Follow the "Iron Rules" and you will save yourself a lot of "head scratching" when it comes to dating women. Rollo's got 3 other books as well.

    2) The Mystery Method by Mystery. Yes it's a PUA book, yes it may be a bit sleazy at times... but it's probably helped 10s of thousands of guys be more socially confident with women. It's simple and to the point. Read, implement, get rejected, read, implement, get a date. Rinse and repeat.

    3) The Art of Seduction by Robert Greene. This one is packed with history, storytelling and seduction techniques. A heavy read, but super insightful. "48 Laws of Power" is another great one too.

    By the way,

    I'm noticing a lot of people on this thread saying to go out and talk to women or experience it for yourself.

    I agree, you should definitely do that... but if you don't have some hard rules or standards for yourself when dating, and you get burned, don't come back saying "no one told me".

    Some experiences, just shouldn't be experienced... save yourself, and learn from books while simultaneously meeting girls.

    PS: If you're between the ages of 20-40, you would be better off focusing most of your attention on getting in great shape, making it rain with your career or business, and becoming a high status guy people look up to. Girls will be approaching you at that point.

    Good luck!
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    The best book on women is working as the only male worker in a team with 12 women, is surprising how comfortable they get and how much they open up disregarding that there is a male among them hahahhaha

    And well, they are just like us hahahaha with minor differences, also a bit of trying to put yourself into other's shoes helps big time, as hard as it may sound.
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    Books to become more attractive?


    How to win friends and influence people by Dale Carnegie can help out a lot. It's not a "super secret technique" book, just one that shows how you can become a better person, genuinely and how attractive that is for others. It has to be genuine though.
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