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    What is special about NoFap Diet?
    Nofap diet is fully loaded with the exact type of nutrition that our body demands during the nofap journey.


    It is Nutritious, healthy and worth taking. Also, it will make you strong.

    Anyone can follow this diet but it will be more beneficial to those who are practicing nofap. Because they require certain amount of energy to overcome urges.

    Moreover, Nofap diet is made keeping in mind that it should digest easily and provide maximum energy to the body for daily chores.

    Also, this diet will help you to regulate your mood which means the chances of relapse will get reduced.

    In addition to, take this diet daily to see the benefits within your body and mind. Don’t skip it and stay strong.

    In this article, I am sharing only a vegan diet. There will be no eggs and meat too. Also, everyone should refer to a vegan diet while doing this challenge.

    Food for Nofap:
    Dry fruit and Nuts:

    They will be your companion in recovering from the loss that happen to the body from masturbation.You can take any time either in morning or in the evening.

    Dry Fruits and Nuts
    They are rich in vitamins and minerals. Also, they are loaded with fiber and proteins.

    Moreover, nuts like almonds, pistachios, cashews, walnuts etc. are also good source of magnesium.

    Magnesium contributes to sperm formation. Hence, consuming these will give produce best quality of sperms.

    A study shows that almonds and other nuts can improve the metabolism of the body.

    Citrus fruits
    Citrus fruits are excellent ways to build up immunity of the body. During the flatline journey when body starts to catch cold and other flatline symptoms these fruits will provide you ease.

    Citrus Fruits
    Besides, these fruits contains vitamin C which is responsible for wound healing, maintenance of bones and muscles and enhance immunity.

    Well like citrus fruits are:

    #1. grapes

    #2. Oranges

    #3. lemons

    #4. limes

    These fruits are cultivated since ancient times because of their properties. Hence they should be on your list while doing Nofap.

    It is highly nutritious but contains low amount of calories in it.

    Another benefit of consuming it is that it reduces blood pressure.

    For Fapstronaut like you, it is like a gift from nature. It will be proved beneficial during the flatline, whether you can take it anytime.

    Ginger can be referred to as a food that has medicinal properties. It contains gingerol which has anti-inflammatory properties.

    It is widely used in sore throat. Adding ginger to your diet will give provide you immunity and decrease chronic pain.

    Oat meal
    The consumption of oat meal increased rapidly over the last 2 decades. This happens because the research was being published in late 1980s which states that it reduces cholesterol of the body.

    Oat Meal
    Since then it is consumed in large quantities in western countries.

    Due to it’s health benefit. It is like by everyone.

    Moreover, these are rich source of vitamin B along with omega 3 fatty acids. They slows down the digestion process in the body. Hence maintain blood glucose.

    Consumption of chocolate are believed to be anxiety and stress busters. Eating chocolate releases serotonin and dopamine in the brain.

    These chemical substances are known as feel good hormones. That is how we feel good and negative emotions like stress and anxiety get reduced.

    During Nofap journey, first week is the hardest part as the nervousness and anxiety gets increased during these days. It will help you in getting started.

    Moreover, the cocoa present in chocolate increases the blood flow that help in more stimulation.

    Broccoli is a good source for many nutrients that is absolutely required by out body. It is rich In fiber, protein, iron, calcium, selenium, and vitamins like A, C, E, and K.

    Consuming broccoli alone will fulfill the requirements of vitamin c needed throughout the day. Also it reduces the risk of heart diseases.

    Broccoli should be eaten in raw form as salad otherwise cooking will destroy it’s nutrient quality.

    Apples are the best substitute to the fried foods used as snacks. You can have an apple or two if you feel slightly hungry.

    It is much better than those of snacks out there. Why ?

    Obviously, because of their health benefits.

    They are rich source of vitamin A, and loaded with anti-oxidants which remove the unwanted material from the body and provide us with a natural glow.

    Also, I hope you know: An apple a day, keep doctors away.

    Spinach and other leafy green vegetables
    Dark leafy vegetable are a good source of iron, zinc, phosphorus and whole other minerals required by the body.

    Green Leafy Vegetables
    Also, they contains anti-oxidant that cleans the body internally especially when they are consumed raw or lightly boiled.

    Again like broccoli, overcooking will destroy the nutrient quality of these vegetables.

    Besides, many researches shows that eating leafy vegetables lowers the levels of cholesterol along with lower risk for diabetes.

    Also, eating green vegetables is very good for heart and provides you an optimal level of nutrition.

    Smoothies of Green vegetables along with some fruits would be a great option.

    So, consume green leafy vegetables during Nofap. It will provide you loads of minerals and vitamins.

    Nofap Diet tips:

    In order to get maximum benefit from the diet follow the tips below:

    • Don’t rely on sugar too much. Consumption of sugar may increase in weight of the body which may result in laziness.
    • Eat on the same time daily. Make a biological clock for food in your body.
    • Make smoothies of green vegetables, fruits and nuts. It will be highly nutritious.
    • Consume oat meals cooked in the low-fat milk or cow milk. It will provide you strength.
    • Last but not the least, eat as much salad you can. It will provide you fiber.
    Thanks for reading.
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    Great post with a lot of interesting content. I would like to point out though that there is no scientific evidence for your claim that you "need energy to overcome or commit to NoFap". Logically one could assume it is a simple matter of mindset.
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    Great post and very informative. thank you for the information .
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    I recommend fish or seafood for omega 3s and b12. Avocado is also good for your swimmers. Bananas help me recover faster from a reboot and a nice juicy lean steak would be good to build up your protein to feed your muscles and boost testosterone. Water is also good for seminal hydration.

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