Best Present You Got This Year

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  1. Sounds like good times :)
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  2. So sweet! That sounds like a wonderful gift <3
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  3. I'm homeless, the Church took every homeless person off the street for 3 days that applied. That was a blessing.

    Also my mother got a BOGO on a Samsung Galaxy Note 8, and is sending me a smartphone with a phone line.
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    MLMVSS Fapstronaut

    My work mate was kind enough to gift me his sickness for Christmas, so it’s been fun :)

    But on a happier note:

    It was my first Christmas not being home since 2014, so I didn’t get much as it was, but I did send out some gifts.

    My oldest sister’s into... I don’t know what to call it... I guess it’s witchcraft? We use that word in Christianity, of course, but it sounds so harsh. Maybe divination? Anyway, it’s like witch-related magic, she does tarot card reading and she focuses on “the universe” to guide her. Anyway, she gave me a few candles, lotion and other stuff she handmade as part of a little business she runs, and such things apparently make you more in-tune with the universe, and they can be used in spells I guess? I gave her some rocks in return (she’s also into rocks and interpreting what each rock mineral meant. I gave her a 10cm tall pyramid made of snowflake obsidian, which was apparently a vibe she needed lol).

    Probably my biggest exciting one was woodworking. Earlier this year, me and my dad (who’s hugely into woodworking and those other crafts) carved out two toy derby cars for my nephews, so while I didn’t gift my other sister anything, we gave her sons those.

    My sisters and I looked our money together and gifted my parents with a spa treatment. Lol.

    Fiancée and I decided to travel next month before university starts again (knowing my urge to wanting to explore places farther than my upbringing, that was doomed to happen also).

    So... I suppose it’s been eventful.
  5. SilentJay313

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    Passing grades in my Algebra and Art History classes this semester, and some peace and quiet from my brother and sister's nonsense. This year has just been annoying and rough since both of my siblings want to cause problems for me and my parents, which even got up to the point of where my sister's boyfriend tried to break into our home to attack us. Luckily he didn't get in the house and i didn't have to hurt this dickhead. It doesn't help that my older brother is instigating and encouraging this behavior from my sister and her dumbass boyfriend, but this also show that his mental health isn't. I'm just hoping that they realize that what they are doing is the wrong way to handle things, and they may find a better way before karma bites them in the ass. Hopefully i don't hear from them for a few years.

    Other than that, my coworker at my job gave me a framed drawing of the character Zangief from Street Fighter, and a Funko Pop Vinyl figure of Ashe from the game Overwatch. I got myself the Metal Gear Solid 1-4 art book set.
  6. sorry for all the late replies XD,going to mexico mazatlan was the best gift I got

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