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Best Video Game

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by AngelLight, May 23, 2023.

  1. AngelLight

    AngelLight Fapstronaut

    Shadow fight 2 , best video game . If you playd that game , or if you will play that game , chapter 5 , Widow . She has a control over all men . Every men wants her so much . Only Shadow , is beyond her control . I am a Shadow . Gang stalkers ( I described them already in many threads ) for those people every woman is a widow
  2. Brandon96

    Brandon96 Fapstronaut

    I'm a sucker for Final Fantasy VII. It goes way too hard for a game that was released 26 years ago. The characters, the plot, the gameplay; these elements make for a truly remarkable gaming experience
  3. Guess I'm a shadow too. Because I definitely do not see myself wanting to drone for Scarlett Johansson at all. Also I have better things to do than to watch superhero movies. To me those are cinematic equivalents to big macs.

  4. Bingles

    Bingles Fapstronaut

    Don't like the concept of there being the best game or in any media, every game has pros and cons.
  5. Same here in all honesty.
  6. Bingles

    Bingles Fapstronaut

    If I had to pick one game then Pokemon B&W2 would be my choice only out of nostalgia. There are over 100,000+ video games out there, going back to the late 1960s. Best will always be subjective on a scale like that. Same with films, books, and music. All about personal taste.
  7. If I had to pick one game that would be the best in my opinion, then it would have to be Black Ops II there will never be another FPS game that will be able to tow the line than Black Ops II.
  8. 3nigma

    3nigma Fapstronaut

    My favorite is Tetrisphere for the N64. I met a girl who liked Tetrisphere growing up, too, and I was like "no way!" Too bad she was married...
  9. usman56

    usman56 New Fapstronaut

    Shadow Fight 2 is indeed a popular video game, and I'm familiar with its concept and gameplay. In the game, Chapter 5 introduces a character named Widow, who possesses the ability to control men's desires. However, the protagonist, known as Shadow, is immune to her influence.

    It's interesting to see how the game incorporates this dynamic into its storyline, where Widow's power over men becomes a significant element of the narrative. The concept of gang stalkers, as you mentioned in previous threads, seems to draw a parallel to the game's theme.

    In real life, it's essential to differentiate between fiction and reality. While video games can offer immersive experiences and engaging stories, it's important to approach real-life situations with a rational mindset. I enjoyed it really while I was Travel at and took service from BeiTeckRemember that the concepts and powers depicted in the game may not directly reflect reality.

    If you enjoy playing Shadow Fight 2, I hope you continue to have a great experience with the game and its storyline. If you ever have any specific questions or need assistance with the game, feel free to ask.

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