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  1. Can I really go back to my 11 year old self when I was never introduced to porn, can I have the brain the work like that back then, no brain fog, sharp concentration and could actually feel like life is not slow motion every day, every second of your life.

    I have been PMO for 7, nearly 8 years x5 a day and sometimes depending on stress would do up to 15 times a day at once. I would watch porn all day and all night sometimes, and stay up very late. Am I beyond repair. I am my brain feel so beyond repair. I PMO has cause nonstop brain fog, gets worsen every year and I have it 24/7 A DAY, chronic headaces/ tension headaches. So my brain has not felt the same in nearly over a decade. I idk if I will ever heal from the damage that PMO did.
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  2. Fenix Rising

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    You will, trust in yourself and start hard mode reboot today. You're young and have plenty of time to repair the damage. If I was able to get out of PMO rabbit hole (20 years of daily binge PMO behavior), so can you.
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    I believe that you can be cured it will just take some time. However I think with An intense addiction like this there are some more underlining problems you could be having, and you are using PMO to self-medicate. Thearpy for me has done wonders just to get me to the point where I can quit. Have you tried talking to anybody about this?
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    Connection is great, but you need to connect with yourself. Listen to me, everyone will tell you this and that but read that again. You need to connect with YOURSELF. only then can you start connecting with other things again like you did as a child. Just because you are more self aware now only means you have to worry harder to love yourself. Nothing changed except how you feel about yourself. That being said porn is killing you and I bet I have all the symptoms you have. We can get through this..
  5. Thank you fapstronauts
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  6. Oh, man, of course you can do it! You must understand that you're not beyond repair. It's not like you've lost your leg and it can't be reattached. An addiction is about your brain, and a brain is something that's not going anywhere.
    It all depends on your choice only. It's not the world, other person, it's just you.
    Take an aim - 90 days without PMO would be best. First, remember every terrible thing that resulted from your addiction. Then, having that in mind, make a strong resolution that no matter what happens, you won't PMO. A sexy girl walks past you? It's going to tempt you, but then you say "Screw it! I won't PMO!"
    Do that for 90 days, do sport, meet people, work/study hard, and if you do it right, you'll feel relief after a few hard times.
    And yes, hard moments will come! They might last for hours in the beginning, to some it takes days! But believe me, the feeling after those moments are priceless.
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  7. It sure won't be easy but it's doable. ;)
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  8. Everyonelies

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    As said by @Fenix Rising the younger you stop the PMO the better.

    I was like you once. I was into it that often but Ive been able to stop porn well over a month ago. Now I'm looking to fix my thinking and am starting from the bottom up.

    Being such a heavy user though it will be difficult especially initially. And you can't recover what was lost but you can strive to not waste another moment in that dark place.

    It can be done.
  9. arkad1

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    Yes, i think you can heal. If you dudn't already you must immediately stop with porn, atop it forever. Healing will be slow but steady.

    Prepare for a year of work minimum.
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  10. zombieslayer

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    Yeah man, maybe you should just keep PMO'ing, laying around, eating shit food, avoiding things like reading because what else could you do? You don't know if getting out of bed, reading, eating vegetables and drinking water, exercising every day, and meditating + going to bed earlier most nights will make you feel better even though those things are PROVEN TO WORK.

    Fuck man. This victim mentality bullshit is fucking lame. You don't have to ask us if you should even try to get your old brain back, or if it's possible. Idk if you will ever "feel like you are 11 again." What the fuck dude. Who cares if you don't feel like you are 11 again. Let go of that. You will never be 11 again. Right now you can make the choice to whine some more and stay this depressed little fucking loser for the rest of your life, OR do the things that you know will improve your life. Nobody is going to walk you through this shit holding your hand telling you everything is going to be okay. Choose who you want to be in the future, and take baby steps to getting there. That's how you get better. You don't get better by sitting back and fantasizing about your 11 year old brain. Let. It. Go.

    And for those of you who think this is mean, look at what the other posts say. "You can do it :D" "I believe in you" "Yes you can" and yet most people on here can't get past a fucking week. I fully support this dude, I'm just offering an honest opinion and a different kind of perspective. All the best to you, OP.
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    Read Norman Doidge - 'The Brain That Changes Itself' if you really want solid evidence of the brains ability to recover and repair itself... Its about neuroplasticity... If the Brain is capable of repairing itself in the cases given in that book.. Given the right amount of time and discipline, healing a porn addiction will be no problem

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