Biden has chosen Kamala Harris as VP!

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A good choice?

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  1. thescot01

    thescot01 Fapstronaut

    An absolutely FANTASTIC decision by Biden! First EVER female representation and 2nd ever black representation. Diverse leadership should make for a great country.

    Anyone else in agreement? What are your thoughts on this? Discuss.
  2. Kamala Harris attacked Biden during the Democratic debates as being segregationist (racist) and abuser, but now accepted to run with him as his VP? I find that interesting. So either she owes him an apology for slander OR she’s pushed aside issues of racism and abuse in order to grasp a political opportunity.

    I don’t know about anyone else, but those are not the qualities I look for in leadership. The fact that democrats are willing to take this as a win simply because she’s female and part black is fucking ludicrous.

    PS. I’m also not a fan of the current U.S president.
  3. thinking_differently

    thinking_differently Fapstronaut

    Black ‘n Brown
  4. Psalm27:1my light

    Psalm27:1my light Fapstronaut

    You’re very young, it’s most definitely not the first ever female representation.
  5. chris555

    chris555 Fapstronaut

    Oh yay another president that blames all the worlds problems on white people, yeah that would be great for our country.

    Meanwhile their is a mob going around burning buildings but they are the good guys right?
  6. Why are you so full of hatred?
  7. chris555

    chris555 Fapstronaut

    It's not self hatred I am a proud white it's you liberals and other ethnicities that hate us and you all have proven it over the last 3 months.
  8. Not sure if you are joking here or not. I'm not an American so my perspective is of one looking in from the outside. And from what I see is that it isn't possible to be selected by the DNC or GOP unless you are a corporate sociopath or a person of no principles. I've never heard of her before she was selected and I already knew she would have a questionable character, simply because she was picked. And the more I learn about her the more apparent that is.

    I've met plenty of nice people from the US and don't understand how you guys keep buying into the two party state. Are Trump and Biden really the best options you guys have over there? Really? Your politicians are insane.

    The media blow these things up to keep people divided. Yes, there is a lot of hate as can be evidenced by all the videos being posted online of riots, shootings etc. But I bet there are more blacks that wish that shit would just go away than there are that want more riots. Any sane person can see the violence doesn't help. Your country is huge, 350 million, and a small number of people are pushing a narrative from both sides in order to keep ye fighting each other. The elites in very country does it so that people don't ask too many questions about how their country is run. Its divide and conquer.
  9. False! I am not even an American!

    Like I said, you are too full of hatred to think straight.
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  10. two-face

    two-face Fapstronaut

    @The Threefold Path man you really nailed it. What's amazing to me is the religious devotion so many people have to one of those two parties over here. They adopt every single party statement/ policy without question, and speak to others as if you would have to be mentally defective or intentionally stupid to not do the same. I work in a hospital and the words I hear spew out of the mouths of patients/ medical workers/ the television on both sides makes me sick. It eats at the spirit the same way some of the wounds I treat eat at the body.
  11. I'm reading this thread and imagining a world were we don't need leaders. A world where we govern ourselves and love our fellow man. The search for power is no longer necessary because everyone has realized that it wont fill the lonely, empty space inside. Uh, imagination can be sweet!
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  12. I’m always amazed when people in my country act as if the two party system is the only option. It’s so common to hear “yeah, they both are horrible, but you have to pick one of them”...umm, no, you don’t.

    It’s a political disease in our country that has existed since its inception and its perpetuated by fear and doubt. You see, whenever people are interested in voting for a third party, the deterrent to this thinking whispers in their ear that “you will be throwing away your vote”.

    The irony is people in my country want change but they still continue to throw their votes to the same two broken and corrupt parties every election.
  13. That’s unrestrained imagination which is also known as fantasy.
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  14. ShadyPerson

    ShadyPerson Fapstronaut

    Let's see... Smoked weed when young and then spent her life getting black people jailed for doing drugs... Tried to whithold evidence that could have saved a man's life from death penalty... A total establishment/corporatist democrat... Let's just say that there's a reason for why her support for presidency crumbled and it's not because she's a black woman.
  15. thescot01

    thescot01 Fapstronaut

    I'm from Scotland (which is VERY diverse in terms of politicians - there have been lots of LGBT and women), just commenting as an outsider since the US is very important to me.

    I never said it was to do with her political track record, that's not relevant to my post. The main reason why I believe that Kamala is a FANTASTIC choice is because we NEED a LOT more diversity in politics. First we had a president of colour, then we can have a woman then an LGBT person and the list goes on...

    She's also WAY less objectionable than the vile homophobe that is Mr. Mike Pence! He wants to electrocute gay people like myself whereas Kamala (and Biden as well) is PRO marriage equality! :)
  16. ShadyPerson

    ShadyPerson Fapstronaut

    Which is more important, her skin colour and gender, or what she does and how she treats other people or helps to lead the country? If Hitler was black, would you cheer for him as a figure of diversity?
  17. Raven King

    Raven King Fapstronaut

    I think Kamala Harris was a safe bet for the Democrats. They don't want anything to change so they don't pick people who want change, like Bernie Sanders and Elisabeth Warren. Picking a black woman who is business as usual is just trying to please the mainstream medias cry for a black women. Nothing will change with her or Biden in power. Or with Trump re-elected. The rich will keep getting richer and everyone else poorer. The people lose, the rich win once again. Time to realize that the political and economical system needs to change.
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  18. ShadyPerson

    ShadyPerson Fapstronaut

    Ehh, she kinda backed down on all the progressive policies to appease to the establishment as far as I understood. Other than that I agree with your comment.
  19. Raven King

    Raven King Fapstronaut

    Yeah, she was trying to be more palatable for the establishment.
    At the end of the day, there's too much money in American Politics. You can't win without having millions for campaigns, etc, so most candidates try to appease the rich for support by promising tax cuts, etc. And the people don't choose their president. They choose between two candidates pre-approved by a few rich old dudes from the Republican and Democrats.
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  20. I know. Still think politics is silly though.
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